Find friend's bases?


Hello! New player here :wink: I was wondering if there is a way to find other players? I play with my husband and I wanted to…well…attack his base…and just generally play the game with him.

Is there a way to find specific users/players in the game?

Thanks :slight_smile:


No, there’s not. aside from aiming for a person’s rank to be similar, and refreshing matches until you find them, there is no direct way to target specific players.


OK ty. I was hoping I could play with him or at least help him a little. He is a little lost. Of course, I am not much better. My teams are probably crap at this point but I just enjoy playing the game. Not really concerned about all the other stuff. I used to play WoW and had my fill of all the arguments over nerfing and buffing, and who’s you-know-what was bigger, etc. So now I just play to have fun.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


You guys can always join an alliance together and play together that way. No friendly fire though :slight_smile:


Would be nice if the game let you duel allies. No energy, no cups, no rewards.


That’s a cool idea, I could see that fostering a lot of good raid strategy discussion. And allow you to experiment.