Finally upgrade buildings

Why are we in season 3 and you can’t summon season 2 heros yet in the training camps?
There hasn’t been an update for this and it’s been needed for at least 6 months. We have stronghold 25 but it hasn’t gotten any other buildings up that high. There’s been no use for iron for months for buildings.

These things are why people are leaving the game.

You can get Season 2 five star heroes at level 10 in Hero Academy.

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That should be a training camp by now. All building levels should be up to level 25 by now with new things like season 2 heros in training camp.

Yes, I would love to have them in TC too, but I do not thing that will happen :frowning:

Still no building upgrades for months. Why not?

I, too, have maxed all available buildings needed to be maxed, including all 4 Forges and all 4 Training Camps, both to level 20, and other advanced structures.

Better “deposit” your excess iron in Hero Academy level 6. That way, you are hitting two birds with one stone: (1) produce 3* troops serving as feeder troops to your main troops and (2) hoarding millions of iron while waiting for the patch update allowing players to build advanced structures.

Thinking tactically and strategically is the way to go. Or quit if you can’t wait.

maybe they would be added into TC20 once season 4 comes out

I’m quite happy there are no current needs to further upgrade buildings. Still not fully there( am lvl 6 on HA and not yet begun AL) and I’m looking forward to fewer food/ iron shortages for a while…

Another update and still no new buildings. What is taking so long???

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