Finally the money from all of us who have the same problem. Only in this way will the game become fair!

Actually I know all to well about addictions and the damage they cause to not only those involved but to surrounding persons. I also realize how much guts it takes to own the addiction and overcome it. I am very proud to know so many that have. So trust me, I only speak on things I know about. Sorry if you dont like my pov.
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So then you should know that just telling someone “u have to take control of your actions not blame the vice” does not work. If it would have, addiction would not be such a big problem. It would not be such a complicated issue to be dealt with by professionals and there would not be any relapse.

Unfortunately you do not show it.

It’s not about liking it or not, it’s about scientific evidence that what are you doing does not work, on the contrary it has more chances to do harm.

Especially that you have a habit to switch the entire responsibility to the person suffering from addiction and deny any responsibility from the enablers of that addiction.


I thank you for your views, like you I have my own belief system. Addiction of any kind is something to be acknowledged and treated promptly. There may be a ton of ways to address it. Just too many bury their head in the sand and sadly I see it a ton of times both in rl and here. In rl too many hope for changes without also realizing change must also be done within. Enablers, sadly there is no controlling their actions.
I choose not to debate this I just hope those suffering seek the help they need and the world goes easier for all.

Good luck to all.

I agree with it. However a strategy that works better than the traditional “pull yourself by your bootstraps” and blaming the person for their addiction is to actually appreciate the moment when they start to become aware of their addiction and encourage them to look for help, monitor their emotions and behaviour and identify their internal resources that could help them escape this addiction.

Blame does not work. Especially coming from a stranger over the internet.

For me it’s not (only) about a belief system, it’s about limited training and experience working with people suffering from drug addiction. And while I don’t have any expertise to offer professional therapeutic support (I only offered social support), I have learnt and noticed what does not work and actually has more chances to harm.


This is my point… Everyone blames only the game as enablers.

As I stated it takes guts and strength to own it and am personally proud that I myself am one who did. In my case, It actually was “the bootstraps” approach and a few choice words ( nsfw) that did it. Whatever approach heals is what matters.

I don’t think everyone does that :slight_smile: You are not and I could name a few others that don’t. I also don’t do this, but I do think that it’s as important to remember that also the company has a responsibility in it that has managed to avoid by not being registered as a gambling operation.

I am not sure what happened specifically in that case, but what heals and it’s more important than the words, it’s the relationship. That is why in psychotherapy for example, the quality of the relationship between the therapist and the client will be much more important than the particular type of therapy used by the therapist.

And addictive behaviour in itself is only the tip of the iceberg, that is why often people with a certain addiction end up switching an addiction with another. And that is why it needs a comprehensive treatment.

What I hope is that we would actually show ourselves to be supportive to the people that start to become aware that they have an addiction and encourage them to continue to tackle it and look for more help and be aware that it is possible to overcome it.

I do hope this, because decades of clinical interventions showed that it works much better than blaming them.


Hmmmm… Can I hire you??? :biting_lip: I do have a few other addictions…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I am not a certified therapist, sorry :smiley: I am doing project management for social projects and also volunteer as social worker, but I did not have the time, the energy and the money to do the required 4 years of training after university :slight_smile:


Dammit, oh well. Can’t blame a witch for trying… Seriously though Thank you for the work u do and the passion u have for it. I would probably be in need of more than a snickers bar and popcorn if I didnt reach out.

Bottom line. Be good to each other and take care of yourselves.


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Heck yes. Like the Wanted quest but for summons. 100 summons (or something) spits out a 5*. I think that would go a long ways to showing good will to players.

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Oooh I am playing that has a pity counter for summons.

I was tickled at first. So I tracked my summons.

And noted a few things :

  1. Each portal has its own pity counter. So I made a mistake in trying different portals. Messed up the effort to get a free 5*.

  2. My free 5* appeared magically only at the tail end of that pity counter rundown. Basically its the very last pull, that type of logic. Say it’s 80 summons, and I pull 10x each time, the free 5* only came in the very last 10 pull.

  3. The pity counter resets itself with a higher threshold. It was 80, then 82, and now 86. This Developer is honest enough: all that should be known is communicated upfront. No beef with that.

Let’s see how long I can survive in that game to get me my 3rd free 5*. Only 5 summons away. Lol

The only winning move is not to play.

Thank you for sharing.