Finally the choice (Santa - Azlar - Elena)

After slightly more than a year, finally I received my sixth set of rings.
And now the burden of who to ascend to the their final tier has become real.
Pls vote in the poll who will get the preferred treatment in my line-up.

I want someone who might be useful in Titans and put in my defensive line next to tank Richard(blue) for Wars and General Defense.
Have a good day.

  • Santa
  • Azlar
  • Elena

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Saint Nick on defense is great. Works better as a tank but can pull off flank too.

Titans, idk. He’s got defense down, but I would imagine the minions slash attacks would also cost you time doing matches


Yes, Santa has a slot in VS Titan teams.
But it will overwrite each other if we bring Wilbur. But both is balance, because Wilbur bring our allies share and def buff, and santa has minion plus att debuff opponent and deal damage.

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For me, the enjoyment of the game comes from narrative as well as mathematical logic.

The logical answer is Santa.

But it completely ruins my willing suspense of disbelief and internal fantasy narrative.

So, in that sense, the answer is feed Santa to Azlar. Because Azlar is a barbarian decked out like a gladiator with a lion’s head and Santa is a caricature of a religious figure used to commercialise a video game and a million other tawdry products.


Both Santa and Elena seems a good choice. I think Santa is that bit better choice to strengthen defense.

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Oh my gosh a year seriously. I got my 4th today from trials and need 2 more still. Anzogh is my only red legendary too. But following advice on here I’ll be using mine on BT eventually i think

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If you have Wilbur -> better Azlar or Elena (Azlar better all around, Elena better for titans)

If you don’t have Wilbur -> Santa


For titans, Elena. Her tile damage is through the roof and her special comes in handy when the titan is ready to fire his special.

For raid defense, Santa. He’s a good tank.

Honestly, I don’t think either is good at both. If you need both, I’d lean toward Santa.

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Elena on defense is kinda funny, she’s just okay as a flank. Very frail and slow means she dies quick, so she needs emblems for that revive chance to be effective (also for maximum hair-pulling :anger: from your opponent)

But if the choice is between :santa: and :crossed_swords:, you go with the gift bringer in this game :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait for an alchemical hero academy, merge Az and Santa and get an Rudolph eating creature, which will throw burning seasons greetings. :wink:



Save the rings for next month’s hotm since your not planning on using Santa as tank.

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Interesting not many said Azlar. Much like Elena he’s strong on titans as your high ATT dmg hero for tile dmg. I think he makes a scarier flank than Santa or Elena. That special can singlehandedly win the fight if it goes off. If the opponent can’t cleanse the damage over time quickly it’s game over.

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