Finally: My first (two!) red 4* heroes... what now?

Hey there,

with my nine saved eht and sand empires event I got no 5* heroes, but I think the outcome was above average:
Arman, Kiril (dupe), Sabina (dupe), Colen and Kelile.
The 3* is okay, the dupes are great dupes and finally I got at least 4* red heroes at all!!

I have to admit, I was hoping for Boldtusk, but I’m going to work with what I got! Perhaps Atlantis will provide something else :wink:

With my other heroes and ascension materials you can see, I could max both red heroes. My first intention was to level Kelile.
I don’t have any other 4*/5* Roque and LOTS of emblems. Also she is fast and with Li, Hu, Horghall… I have enough slow AOE-Hitters. But if Kelile is maxed, I would give Colen some love, too.

With my other heroes:

Here I have the most variety. Going to max the first Sabina, then Ameonna. Then I could decide between second Sabina or second Proteus. Second Cyprian won’t get any love. But Sabina and Ameonna will use so much time to level that I think to have another good hero by then.

Leveling Belith to max at the moment. Next would be Horghall to 3/70. Then maybe LJ

Going to get King Arthur to 3/70, maybe max if I have the materials by then. If I can’t go on, going for the first Kiril. 2nd Kiril/Sonya/Grimm are awaiting…

At the moment there is only Li Xiu to max. After that Arman, I don’t see any use if maxing one of the other Li/Hu Dupes. Maybe Chao gets some orbs, if I don’t manage to pull Ranvir this month…!

Any huge mistakes to point out? Do you have any tips?
Have some gems to get either a Atlantis 10 pull next… don’t think Sand empire heroes are better than atlantis? Do you?

The plan is generally good

I’d go second Proteus instead of second Sabina

Kelile for a fast four star hitter seems sound. Never maxed her myself but she is solid. Only other fast hitters are Caedmon and Sonya, and Sonya hits quite softly I find, so more snipers are good. Given how many rings and blades you have, might be worth waiting for a five star after that unless you’re F2P and that might be a while

I would prioritise Kiril, as you don’t have many four star healers either. I’m torn between him and Grimm as you don’t have any pulverisers up yet. Leaning towards Grimm

LJ isn’t too bad, and I prefer over skittles

Chao makes sense even though I rarely enjoy using him, again hits softly


I’m going to say just one thing


Make him a priority!!

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Second Proteus Priority over anything else? Really?

First one is max +8…

Ha! Missed that 1st one. Two is never a bad idea however

YES, he is that good!

The only good thing about a second Proteus is one more attack in AW. Ameonna can be used for Titans and also for AW.

I will level Ameonna surely before any dupes. Later on 2nd Proteus or 2nd Sabina would be a tougher call. If I manage to get Melendor, Boldtusk, Kasshrek or something like that, I’d totally go for Proteus. Else I’m not sure by now.

Another thing to look at is the trials. How are you doing in those? Are you able to do all 3 in every trial?
Food for thought before you move forward.

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I have to admit, you are right!

With the trials I never got to beat stage three, no matter which classes were the actual ones…
For Wizards I have Proteus max, Kiril started (as Infinity suggested, I want to max Kiril before King Arthur) and a Balthasar. Don’t know by heart with which class the wizards pair…

But for sorcerers there are also only Sabina (on it’s way to max), a low lvl Skittles, Greymane and Gill-Ra. So without Ame-Onna no stage 3 neither.

Set it and forget it until your other options are leveled enough to get you over the next hump. Any defense team can be beaten. My defense team keeps me around 2000 cups

But this is what I run on offense a color stack. I win around 85% of my revenge battles with this team, and I get up to around 2300 cups.With good planning you can take down teams 500+ tp then you.

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Of the two red heroes you got, go with Kelile. She’s a bit frail for my liking, but being fast and burning with decent attack makes her a good hero in my books.

Colen is ok for defense teams and the very fast raid tournaments where he’s allowed, but being slow holds him back more so than Kelile. Also you have Hu Tao as a fighter already, meaning you don’t need Colen as badly.

A bit off-topic but keep Arman too :slight_smile: He’s not Hisan, but he’s a good one for defense teams in 3* raid tournaments.

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After waiting 7 months for at least one 4* hero in red, the red summoning goes on and on…

With 3 Atlantis pulls today, I got Cochin, then a Colen-Dupe and then Elena…

I know, she is not Top Notch. Marjana would be favoured by me, even Azlar. But: I could really use her, I think she is great.

Should I focus on here before leveling Kelile? I have all the Materials for doing so!

C2P so the chance of getting anything better red soon is not really high!

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I think I’d get Kellie up somewhat, unless Elena is also a class you need.

I’m another person thinking a second Proteus is good for your Purple. He also works fine in trials & events. If bosses never get mana, they aren’t an issue.

Thank you!

In the Warrior Class I have Hu Tao (who has the emblems right now) and Colen.
I won’t level Colen over Elena, thats for sure. And Hu Tao could or should be replaced by a levelled Li Xiu anytime soon. And Hu Tao is not the Hero I would rely on, tbh

If I had BT or someone who really could use the emblems before Elena, I totally would go for Kelile first. But actually…

Its difficult… Both are huge improvements to my roster, more than the other heroes I level at the moment…

I do personally like Elena. She gets a lot of criticism around the forums here for being slow and very frail, which are valid points. But she also has the highest attack stat out of any red hero (good for titans), her special also being great for hitting back hard hitters (such as titans). Remember too that titans are also the most consistent way of getting ascension mats, so for taking down the green ones she’s great to have.

But she’ll take a while to be useful… I would still go with Kelile first, because she’s a 4* she will take less time to max than Elena, and you’ll have quicker options to color stack. With the amount of resources it takes to max a 5*, you could’ve maxed two 4* heroes with as well :slight_smile: At your point in the game I would think of 5* more so as luxuries than actual needs.

Thank you…

I see your point, but I wonder which hero I should colorstack kelile with :wink:

I really enjoyed playing with Cyprian for a long time… I really think, I will enjoy Elena, too

For now you can stack her with your 3* :slight_smile: no shame in that, and in fact you have some very good ones.

Namahage is arguably the best 3* red hero, and if you need a third to stack red you can do Nashgar; just make sure you fire Nashgar first, then Kelile, so her stronger DoT overwrites his weaker one.

You can eventually do 1 Colen as well, but if you run a Training Camp at level 13 or 20 (if you’re at 20 then it’s better), by the time Kelile is maxed you hopefully will have another red 4* to work on :slight_smile:

Yeah, had 3 Namahage… But we are fighting 10-11 star titans, 3* heroes are one-hitted immediately… =/

Max Kelile first then Colen. Plenty of time to get your 5*'s up for battle
IMO you should increase your choices of 4* characters for any occasion/team that comes your way.
Don’t sleep on Colen because if he fires he causes alot of damage. The reason I want him so bad. Got plans for him for whenever I pull him.
I have Elena(1:50) also & 12 blades.
Not sure which way to go. Kinda waiting to see if I get Colen.
I have Kelile, Gormek, Sir Lancelot, and Sumitomo all at 3:60. Decisions Decisions.
I also have these maxed Boldtusk +10, Scarlett +4, & Wilber.

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