Finally maxed

Very good buddy ! Go get that Caedmon!

Get Caedmon up, with 48% attack buff from BT Caedmon blow can be devastating, plus his fast mana and dispels, but more viable when BT fires first, and most probable place will be BT as a tank.

What are you using in order to level him? 4* don’t usually eat that much… or are your farms still under development? I took Elena from 1/1 to 3/60 the last four days and still got close to 1.5 million ham curently in storage.

Nice roster - though in my personally limited experience, Wu can be deadly on offense, but is mostly useless on defense.

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I have to agree that Wu on defence is not the best option, I would skip him in defence when you have a replacement.

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Thanks fore the advice

Caedmon is maxed and has replaced Wu.

Looking for recommendations on who to level next.
I have one pair of gloves. Who deserves the warm hands

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If you want a rainbow defense, maybe Onatel or Li Xiu.

My vote would be Onatel, she’s great.

Given you have proteus to
Control mana, maybe Kiril.

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