Finally maxed

I finally maxed a 4* team…
Caedmon also very close


Looking forward to your Caedmon. Who will be replaced by Caedmon?

P.S. Boldtusk is the best tank of the six heroes you mentioned.

Nice, once Caedmon is maxed I think Rigard, Grimm, Boldtusk, WuKong, Caedmon (left to right) would be a nice defense team. Eventually you could replace WuKong with a mana controller like Chao or LiXiu :slight_smile:

Nothing to say defense has to be mono coloured, once Caedmon maxed id sub him for Wu Kong


2 purple without yellow, rigard tank? That is suicide, I regurarly destroy that defense while stacking 3 purple. Imagine what will happen if the attacker stack yellow.

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So move BT to tank, have 2 purples in the corners.

Wu is squishy and relying on AI to use his special is a worry.

I’m not sure who to replace as of yet… with Caedmon… I will probably Play around a bit and figure that out with the amount of cup losses… Im waiting on gloves to Max LiXui.

In most Raids where im up against a team of way more power … Rigard… Is usually the last man standing

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I’d do something like Rigard, Grimm, Boldtusk, Caedmon, Proteus. Wu, while amazing for titans, is not good on defense.

Congrats!! I’m jealous of your 4* mana troops too

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I don’t know who has your wizard emblems, but that Proteus sure as hell needs them…

Last man standing in the corner or in the middle?

The middle usually where I place him

Is this Rigard you were talking about your enemy’s Rigard or your Rigard?

I’ve been using up all my food to level up Caedmon… I do have 99 emblems to use up

My Rigard… I find him great …I target him when he’s on the other side

With that being said, I also place my Rigard in the middle while attacking (3 purple - 2 blue stack).

But I use my Boldtusk in the middle for defense:

I do not fear Rigard as a tank, I will happily ram through him even while using 3 purple stack, I will let him heal until I charge both my Grimm and Sonya and then fire Grimm followed by Sonya and he will die.

Rigard do not have fear factor as tank because he didn’t do damage nor increasing damage of his allies. I can safely charge my heroes mana by hitting him without fearing his skill being fired.

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Thanks for the info… I will move him over and slide BT to the middle. Let see the difference
Do you use or have Kuchen.

No, I’m not lucky enough to have him… Kunchen is a good tank as he have the defense debuff which is terrifying for opposing team.

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He will replace Rigard…when the mats become available…which could be awhile

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