Finally have 5* Holy Mats

So I’m still fairly new at level 33 but I’ve been building a decent 4* roster with 14 fully leveled and partially emblemed set of heros. But now I have my first set of mats for a holy 5 star. Question is who would be best…I have 3 to choose from…

Leo (and Leo with costume)

Leaning towards Odin but since it takes so long to get those mats I thought I would get some advice from the experienced members here.

Thanks so much for the advice and time.

Yes, Odin, particularly for raid/war defense and attack.
Leo+C is runner up, and very good if you want higher titan damage scores.
Musahi is good too, but I’d recommend the other two first.

Note sure if this will help, but I always like seeing the cards before deciding:

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Ohhh. That does help. Makes me think Odin even more. And thanks for the advice on Odin for raids and wars and Leo-C for titans. I’m more war focused than anything. So looking like Odin.

If you have guardian Jackal I’d go with Odin. If you don’t have the elemental yellow down hero, I’d recommend C-Leo. Odin is tough to pass up, he’s that good.


i would do CLeo, he will yield you more darts than odin, titan loot rulez. Supposing you dont have Chacal, if you have the guardian then odin.

Thanks! I do have jackal with 14 emblems. I don’t have a 5 star rogue and I use jackal a lot so figure I’ll emblem him up.

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For raids, Odin, hands down.

cLeonidas is very good for titans, unless you have Jackal, in that case Odin is better.

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