FINALLY GOT last hero.......I Think lol

It took $78,311.96 to get her…and that my friends is a sign that I’ve invested too much money in this game.

I will never be at that #1 spot and if I ever do I will not stay there lol. I just realized all the money I’ve spent is just to be able to say “I got a great hero to add to my team” and battle for trophies I can never place upon the fireplace mantel.

Think about it.

Every month it’s a vicious cycle lol…pulling and pulling when I could use that money to buy a Lamborghini :rofl:

Oh well…guess I can start keeping that monthly money in my pocket or maybe invest in something I can at least get a financial return in…like lottery tickets :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::laughing::sweat_smile:


■■■■, 78k…
I should hold my step now , lol

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Lol…dont be like me!!!

what are you a CEO of huge company ?


The amount is exaggerated lol…but I’ve spent my fair share

78k is a fair share. :money_mouth_face:
:scream: ■■■■me :joy:


Pretty sure if you spent 78k on hero summons. Small Giant would personally contact you to add you to beta, Add you to there Christmas card list and allow you to create your very own hero.


May I see a pic of your roster

78k usd for 1 Onatel ? bullshit detected

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78k is over exaggerating but u should ballpark it for us now lol


I think not for her only. I think its his amount that spent on E&P at all.
If so … well I know ppl who spent x5 and x10 this amount … 1k $$ a week in about 2 years.
So I believe him … and please edit your BS into (■) we hear ya with out it mate.

I only have to say “Don’t believe all the things written here…”
I spent a million last month, lmao.

Guys im sure it was just a hyperbole lol

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Some of you are funny.

The last game I used to play for for 2 years was the biggest Pay2Win some humans ever created.

You have NO IDEA of the amount of $$$ some players put in.

Just for you to get an idea, this game had a “VIP lvl”. This VIP lvl, you could climb it by spending in the game. When I stopped the game, 2 years ago, the max VIP was lvl 12 & do you know the amount you had to spend to get there ? 150 000 $.

Trust me or not, there were HUNDREDS of VIP 12, and for a lot of them, they got it in only a few months.

Never forget that everyone play with with his own money and that we’re not equal about it. Some people get more money in a day than you in a month.

Sadly, I’m not one of those guyz but it does exist.

Anyway, the only thing I wanted you to know is that some people are ready to pay 10k/month in a mobile game and without any problem. Might be crazy for some people, but normal for others.

You have no idea of what people spends in videos games. I’m absolutly sure that there are more than one player who spent this amount on this game.

Edit 2 : the game I’m talking about is called Invasion : Modern Empires if anyone doubt what I’m writing.


Lol…my friends I was just joking about the amount…truth is I spent about $130 to get Onatel. Average that out over 12 months (because I’ve been playing for over a year now) and it amounts to TOO MUCH SPENT lol

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78k if it’s true only for onatel you can enter a world record

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