Finally got mystic rings i needed

ok , i have been waiting for a long time on this set of rings . i have had Gravemaker sitting at 3/70 for awhile. Since i have been waiting i have got a couple other 5 star reds to.
Marjana,Jean Francois,and Azlar. My question is do i go ahead and do final ascencion on Gravemaker. I think its a no brainer but i have wasted good materials on other heroes and these rings are to hard for me to get just to make the wrong decision.

How far along is Marjana?

Yes to Gravemaker.

No discussion.


she is at 2/40 i have been in the process of getting sheshat to 4/80.just finished evelyn. i think i have enough mats for a rainbow 5 star team now that i drew Guinevere yesterday

Ascend GM. In May pull another GM and max him too. Hope this helps!


definitely GM then. My Marjana is at 1/1, since I have others in front of her. Good Luck!

In my honest opinion, it has to be Gravemaker - 100%
Good luck

definitely gravemaker. i have azlar and gm and it’s no contest. gm’s very fast speed will serve you in so many situations.
i run azlar a lot too but always as a second to gm.

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