FINALLY got my 3rd epic hero, *BUT* am unsure whether he's worth anything



After wasting 900 jewels on 3 attempts to get an epic hero, and another failed attempt via training one up, I got Wu Kong, who’s special skill seems of dubious value to my team. His skill is “Gambler’s Stance”. “All allies get a +150% attack, with -32% accuracy for 5 turns. Chance to miss applies also to offensive Special Skills”

I don’t like the sound of this. Back to the drawing board? Thoughts?


There will shortly be a flood of people here telling you Wu Kong is the best 4 * hero in the game. For Titan battles I agree.


Thanks. Do you know if he actually fights and causes damage himself, or just affects the team members’ stats?

I’m on the fence until I see that flood. :wink:


Keep him. Level him quick. The chance to miss can be a bit annoying, but in Titan battles (and raids where you may not have the ideal lineup yet), he makes all the difference for me.


You got one of the most coveted heroes in the game. By himself I don’t like him (I hate missing!), but add a Defense debuffer (Grimm/Tiburtus) and an Attack buffer (Boldtusk) and set WuKong on top.


(I’ll take him if you don’t want him!) :grin:


I can’t imagine a scenario where I would NOT use Wu Kong in a Titan battle, even against yellows. Ascend him as soon as you’re able would be my advice. When I first got him, was also concerned about the miss percentage, but the boosted hits more than makes up for it.

In raid attacks he can steal victories, but not too sold on him for a defensive team.


Does his -32% miss stat improve with skill increases?


His special is maxed for me and it stays -32%. Like havok said though, the boosted hit percentage outweighs the misses by a long shot.

Edit: he does good attack damage w/o the special, but like every other hero he’ll get better on the boards as you ascend him.


Check out the 7DD grading of all heroes. Wu Kong is a favorite for many. He’s a “stacker” with some of your power hitters. Your chance to miss is higher with him, yes, but the power increase he gives to your strongest heroes is (pun intended) epic. Not a great defensive tool as you can kill him before he hits, but a good flank that can up your power and stack with boldtusk for even more power. When your strongest players are specialed by him, you can kill opponents with one blow and it ups your titan scores.


Ok, I’ll give him a whirl. I have like 20 trainer heroes and over 30 other heroes to level him up with, so I should have him leveled up a bit rather quickly.

Thanks to all who replied.:blush:


Ok, got him ascended and saw that at least his special skill increased damage went up by 5%.

PS, I’m all outta food now🙄


For some light reading:

I note that WuKong’s strength is not his own (he is not a straight damage dealer per se), but in boosting your other heroes, specifically “the right kind”. You can do your own searches on the Forum for more info. :slight_smile:



Well, thank you, dear! :slight_smile:

I am very happy indeed with Wu Kong for titan battles.


Wu kong is bad. Really bad.

Use Chao :roll_eyes:


Not sure if this is sarcasm or…

But, the results of using Wu Kong vs. not using Wu Kong speak volumes. I have been instructing all of my alliance members who have him to level him and implement him into their Titan teams. There has been a consistent increase of 10k or more to their average hits now that they have included Wu Kong.

If you have the bench depth to include an attack buffer and a defense debuffer to the mix as well, you will see your average score against the Titan skyrocket. The -32% accuracy penalty is well worth the outlandish damage increase.


My experience with Wu Kong is that he’s situational. He was my first, and second 4* out of my training camps, and based on the same premise as the OP I promptly ignored him in favour of my third, Chao, who suited my needs for playing the map and filling the hero chest much better. I still don’t regret that choice, but as my needs ingame changed, I took a good hard second look at Wu Kong and made him a priority to level.
Personally I still wouldn’t use him in raids or for farming, but for titans and events, IMO he’s one of the best choices possible at present.


Indeed sarcasm.

I gave to Wu Kong just too much love, need a break for some fresh air.

Too much love will kill you…


I’ll add my voice to those advocating for Wu Kong. I will let you know that there is a learning curve for getting used to using him. I highly recommend that you train him up to max third ascension before taking him out for a spin. He’s very squishy meaning that he dies very easily. Even into his 4th ascension he’ll die with one hit from a large titan without some sort of protection or some very advanced troops. Around 4-32 appeared to be the sweet spot for me and I actually left him at 4-35 for a long time while I developed other Heroes, although I have him maxed out now.

To get used to using him properly, I highly recommend putting him on your farming team, raid team and Titan team. This will make using him second nature instead of an arduous task. You must remember to do things in a different order with Wu Kong in play. I very nearly gave up on him and would have except for a friend who would not leave me alone until I committed to ascending him and learning how to use him properly.

Good luck and enjoy.


Just to add to the flood of Wu Kong support… he’s awesome.
Gambler’s Stance – fantastic special. And unlike in Vegas where the house always wins, you will win most of the time gambling with him because the mathematical odds are in your favor.
Happy gambling, especially at the Titan Table!


I’ve eaten Wu Kong, twice.

But I have no room for him, because I have Jackal and Joon, both maxed.