Finally got enough


i finally acquired 4 of any of the particular ascension items for my 4*. i have 4 shields so i can now ascend a green hero. the only thing is that my only green 4* at 3/60 is skittleskull.
considering that i only have 2 fine gloves and i have 2 or 3 of the mats for all the other colors- do i ascend skittle or do i hold onto my mats and wait to ascend someone else later?
to assist the decision:
the other heroes i have at 3/60 are boldtusk, rigard (though i have a tiburtus on his way up). hu tao, sonya and boril.


also, a secondary question:
i have hu tao at 3/60. and i already have a 3* maxed too. i have a li xiu sitting in the wings, should i bother to level her up or wait for something better. (i spend very little on this game, so i’m not doing a bunch of 10 pulls or anything)


I think Skittle is a waste of shields. Boldtusk is a solid choice, I like Sonya very much too (especially if you don’t have Caed and Grimm). Rigard is a solid healer, but I much prefer Boldtusk/Kiril to heal and Tiburtus as a purple hitter. Li Xiu is good in defense, Hu Tao I’d pass on entirely. Boril is nice for the riposte, of course, but personally I stopped using my Cyprian a while ago in favor of more direct damage on demand.


Skittle was my first green, too. If you’ve sent spending a lot, like I dont, then I recommend levelling him. I got three Skittles before I got my first other green 4* or 5*. By then I had 4 more sturdy shields. You could get Caedmon tomorrow, of course, but I’ve been playing since May and running two TC13s full time, and haven’t seen him or Melendor yet.


Little John is another green 4* much better than Skittle. But it really depends on how highly you value your ascension items. If you’d rather hold onto them and wait for another hero or go for the “power now” approach :slight_smile:

I have every 4* green aside of Caed, but at this point, I don’t care about him anymore. I got Sonya to do the dispel and I won’t use the shields on any green 4*. I’d rather wait for SH20 and then see if I get a proper green 5* (ergo Lianna… others are very underwhelming). If not, then I’ll be playing green-less for a good while.


i do have a melendor, but i only recently got him, so he’s still lvl 1. i could save the shields and try to power level him up. they seem relatively equal in strength.

i have been running my tc13s non-stop and the only other green i have received is another skittle and some 3* s.


I don’t like Melendor personally. He was my second ever 4* but I left him be at lvl 60. He doesn’t boost attack and Sonya/Caed are better dispellers (fast mana). But then again I’m patient enough to wait for a hero I’ll actually want to ascend so I am very picky :slight_smile:


I prefer Melendor and Caedmon over Skittle. :wink:


I may repeat myself, but always have a healer, a buffer, a debuffer and a dispeller.

  • Boldtusk cover 2 out of 4.
  • Tiburtus the 3rd.
  • Sonya is a good 4.

Btw, i already have a maxed Xiu and i’m levelling a second from the bottom to the top even if i already have a lv 60 Hu Tao.


Level Melendor. He has as good a base attack as Skittleskull (both high for a 4*). I have them both maxed, but only use Skittle as a second green on titans. To be honest, Mel was my first 4*, so I do have a soft spot for him and he looks like Gandalf, so second soft spot there…


Melendor will save your BEHIND in the events. Skittle is pretty much a waste of time. I’ve almost maxed him and I don’t really like him. He’s too slow in raids and I’d rather double up on two fast guys with the same color than wait for him to charge - OR I’d rather use Melendor and then not only do my green gems have punch, but I’m also keeping my damage dealers alive.

I also have LJ but he’s not leveled yet. I’m waiting for some more shields before I even waste the training.


Some of it is a product of who you have, but I like skittle (I have Caedmon at level 70 too) on titans. He has a high attack power and I use mana potions to fire his special which is massively helpful on the 6/7* titans we fight.

Basically I sandwich Ares between two of 4/5* for titans so when I have a blue titan with Caed’s fast fire and Skittle’s power down & high attack it makes for some pretty nice scores.

I like him in the map events as well, though they are few and far between. Lastly, given these are my only two green hero’s at 4 and 5* I want to have a pair ready for events and titans (as mentioned).