Finally found a good use for Vlad

Last October, I pulled a Vlad from the Halloween event summon. For those of you who do not know who he is and what he does, here is a screenshot of mine:

For a very long time, I thought his special skill was almost useless. I mean, 60 damage over 5 turns? That is like nothing! The battle is probably over before 5 turns. Stealing healing? Well, if the opponents do not heal, then it will mean the special does nothing. So, after I pulled more 4-star heroes, I put Vlad off my main team and nearly forgot about him.

Until the last alliance war a few days ago.

I wish I had recorded the fight. It would explain my point much more easily and clearly. But since I do not have a video, I will do my best to describe what happened.

Basically, in the first fight, the opposing team had just a full-leveled Rigard left (including special skill), and he was at a left wing spot, meaning he was at the left-most of the field. I had no heavy hitter left, just a Boldtusk and Li Xiu. As you recall, the last alliance war had field aid for the defending team. Thus began my nightmare: every time I got Rigard’s life down to half, he either healed himself, or field aid did. That dragged on for countless turns until time ran out and I lost the fight.

I had one flag left and I wanted to make another attempt on Rigard. Unfortunately, all my heavy hitters were already spent. I could not stack yellow because the only yellow hero I had left was a half-leveled Gan Ju. Then I remembered Vlad and put him on. And here is where miracle started. Vlad’s healing stealing ability was a GREAT suppressor for both Rigard’s special and first aid - he could only heal a very small amount. And since Vlad has fast mana generation, it means I could fill his mana bar with just two ghost tiles and kept a constant spell on Rigard. And since Rigard could not heal too much due to this suppressor, I was able to slowly kill him off with just partially leveld Gan Ju, Ulmer, Brienne and Hawkmoon. It still took a while, but I finally did it, and it was all because of Vlad’s healing suppression.

So, moral of the story for me: every hero exists for a reason. No matter how little we might think of a hero, someday he or she will shine and save the day.


That’s exactly why I like the vampires. I also find that I can typically stock 3 of Vals specials on a hero (if the hero didn’t die beforehand), which means you are doing pretty reasonable damage, especially if they can’r heal fully.


you just made me sad. i ate 12 of him.

however i have one left and I may level him for this purpose.

I also have 3 Valeria… which may be a good one too. One is 4/60, the other are 1/1.


Yes, I forgot that part. His special stacks and can do pretty good damage with 2 or 3 stacks.

Sorry, mate… But Valeria can do what Vlad does and better. She’s also a great healing suppressor with her special. Plus you don’t really need 12 Vlad lol

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Yep, the vampire heroes are all counters to healers. They have more value during wars than raids for that reason, as I’ve noted healers get put in corners usually to make that last stand much more difficult in combination with the bonuses that war provides the defenders.

Obviously Vlad being a 3 star would be okay to keep, but not if you have the other 2 vampires. Vlad < Valeria < Victor (which should be obvious)

Unless say you really want to try for the rare challenge quests. He does well in those too against particular bosses. I myself love fiending the rare quest leaderboard.


yeah. I plan on making my PVE team Val-Jackal-Grave-Jackal-Val – certainly goes fast


That’s… ehm… really cool :sweat_smile:

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Thank you for that, I’m thinking about max my Valeria now :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, I only have Vlad… the other two vampires eluded me…

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I would say go for it! Her healing suppression would definitely come handy someday.


That is pretty cool…i have one Vlad and two Valeries. Now i’m working Onatel (4^55) and after her i’ll propably continue with my Jackal. But then i’ll start ascending my forgotten 3* heroes. Rudolf, Vlad, Arman, Belith, Bane and Balthazar (already lvl50 but skill is 7/8).

It’s fun to ascend 3* heroes every now and then. Some of them are very good… Squire Wabbit is awesome. Gotta love that little bugger :slight_smile:


I mentioned in another thread that wars with First Aid are the only time I use Valeria. She works very well in that situation but pretty much horrible anywhere else

I always said that’s a good time to have Sargaso or the Sand Heroes. I won’t be using 3 stars in War so I have a feeling my Vlad will remain 1-1 for a while longer.

Agreed. For example, I still use Balthazar as part of main attack team. His special is awesome.

Nice! Unfortunately, I do not have too many 4 stars… and not even one 5 star! So 3-star heroes are still the backbones of my army.

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That’s awesome…might have to level mine now!

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You are a genius. I might try this out with Valeria. I forgot about the “steal” part. So they don’t heal as much

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Not so long ago when I was still doing cleanups, I found Perseus perfect for controling healers/field aid in AW and used him a lot, so I have no doubt that vampires can be useful as well for that narrow role. When your roster grows, however, you will find less and less need for healing control heroes, since stacked teams of maxed 5*/4* can take out any opposing hero faster than he could possibly heal.

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Hmm… i also have Jabbar. wonder how that would work with Valeria. would it be a replacement?

Thanks! Exactly! I think most of us think little of vampires because they does not deliver too much damage. But we forget they also have healing stealing ability, which can turn the tide of a fight.

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