Finally found a good use for Vlad

Unfortunately I do not have Jabbar and don’t know what he does…

-75% healing

Nice! Then Jabbar is also a great healing suppressor for sure. I think the difference is that vampires steal reduced healing, while Jabbar simply reduce the amount.

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That’s what I’m thinking, but I just wonder what is first.

Does Valeria’s healing effect go off first, then jabbar steals 75% more, or the other way around.

Personally, I would prefer Val’s goes off first, obviously.

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I’m in no where the top, but have a decent bench with 40 heroes at 70 or above (I have some 5*s stuck at 4-70). I always have at least 5 one shots and a long ways off from the days of cleanups. I think heal control heroes will always be useful when field aid is active. I would never make them priority, but something to consider one you’ve leveled all your standard Heros and start looking at specialties

I wanted to take my two Perseuses to 3.70 as I initially found them very useful is AW with field aid, however, there were always other blues of more priority. At this point I have 10 blues at lvl70 or higher (and 8-10 for other colors) and still my Perseuses are sitting at low levels. At this point I dont know if I will ever work on them, since I dont feel any need or justification to level them anymore. I too am usually doing 5 oneshots, with 3-2, 4-1 and mono teams, field aid does not bother me any more than arrows. Mana-controls helps a lot, however.

Yeah, we noticed Valeria stealing field aid a couple months ago. Her and Victor are very effective in field aid wars.

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All the sand empire is. One of the reasons I was saddened to only get two of them.

Maybe this October I will pull Valeria or even Victor! lol

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Maybe this October I will also pull Victor. From an epic token. Because never again… sigh. I spent too much trying and am still bitter. :slight_smile: You can understand RNG and still be mad, right?

Totally. I know some REALLY REALLY lucky folks from my alliance. 1 epic token and they got a 5* and HOTM. Can’t deny that I am jealous lol

Onatel is awesome! Never saw such fast mana! I got her a month ago and I’m fast tracking her. Gotta lot of respect for her. One word of advice if you come up against her: RUN!

I was trapped in that exact way today, I was ticked that I got defeated, no such thing a a draw creeps. Wish I had a vlad.

I believe your luck will eventually come! Wish you get the heroes you want in your future pulls!

It is nice to see Vlad’s name come up. I thought he was lost. Unfortunately I ate mine but kept the other 2. Victor maxed and Val at 60 now so I may use this.

I actually started using Victor on my raid offense and defense team. He works well.

Lucky you that you got the 4* and 5* vampires. I only pulled Vlad. He’s stayed on my roster ever since last October.

I pulled them all while trying for Zim the hotm. I tried hard for her and got nothing.

Balthazar has a good wepon but he die too quick most of the time

Thanks for this post. Just pulled him and I will try him for this purpose. I too have had the same war with Rigard. Eager to test your theory out! I will post after I try.


@Chainedmocha1 If you have Perseus, any Sand Empire hero, or Sargasso, combine them with the vampires and you can suppress the healing across the entire field.


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