Finally did it

Temporarily made it to #2 globally and #1 in the US


Let’s see how long that lasts

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Congratulation :slight_smile:
What heroes do you used to attack?

Didn’t last long. Raided twice and dropped to 22

I’ve been messing around with this team

Interesting - that team goes against the “received wisdom” of avoiding two healers on offense. Of course, both Ares and Kiril help on attack, though they do conflict a bit with each other.

I always use Vivica and Boldtusk/Kiril on my attacks.

Seems like I’m not wise then :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m missing all of them. Maybe I try it later :joy:

Never heard of that.
I mean, for me raiding with 2 healers in war is totally wrong (first because there’s the outside buffs making things more difficult, second because you can not have enough healers for the other teams).

But using 2 for cups is quite… good?

Yeah normally I would agree but I was constantly getting wrecked without the second healer and while Kiril’s attack buff with Aries’, the second crit buff makes up for it. I normally fire off Aries after so Kiril is more for the group healing

Cant get to the top but I did manage to top Zero temporarily which is kinda like number 1


Congratulations! :tada:

Stupid 20 characters :joy:

Kiril dies super fast and the AI seems to target him first almost exclusively. Having a second healer/survivor might not be bad idea. :sweat_smile:

I use him for the defense buff but I’ve been really using a 3/2 red purple team and destroying

Nice one…good time…ya got bragging rights and thanks for sharing your team…

Nice job Nosaj03! One night I decided to burn a few flasks to see how far I could push. My attack team also uses 2 healers but I typically only fight yellow tanks. My team was Rigard, Gravemaker, Kiril, Tiburtus, and Proteus. I reached global #1 with 3031 cups. Getting those last few levels was nerve wracking. I don’t have a solid defense and lost 700+ cups overnight, but it was a rush getting there.

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Proteus is a monster… I’ve got to pull a few of them next Atlantis to make warring easier.

Edit: Oh and congrats OP!

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Let’s see how long this lasts

Had a member of my alliance get to #5 for a few minutes today.

I haven’t cracked the top 100 yet but was #11 in Portugal for a few minutes.


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