Final stage of Atlantis Rises?

Just Finished Normal mode of Atlantis. If I went to the final stage of Province 27 and completed it on hard would I claim all the Hard rewards listed in the Missions tab. Even without doing any of the other stages yet on Hard?

No, unfortunately you have to do them all…


You could actually fight the last battle right now to get the hard mode loot.
But to get all the coins from previous provence you have to go stage by stage.

Did that change??

I did the final Titan stage before I had half them done just to see if it would pay out the challenge and give me the ascension mats. It didn’t so I had to grind my way though all of them.

Which got me about 1800 coins from memory so worth it

This is true from the perspective of getting the final stage 5 coins… but is not true for the hard mode mission.

To get the Mission Rewards for “hard mode” (which includes all the 4* mats & the Poseidon Avatar) you must complete EVERY hard mode stage (270/270 on the player profile).

Anything less & you cannot complete the mission.


Ah cool good to know. But I’m going through hard mode provence to provence. Does make sense that way to me.

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