Final hero for Red Titan team

Hello helpful forum members,

I have 4 entrenched heroes for fighting red titans: Vela-Fenrir-Jott- Wu Kong. Grimm was one of the last 4* Blues that I got from TD20 and it came highly recommended against titans. So far, he’s not that impressive…squishy but I do love the 6 turns of defense down.

So in the #1 slot of my Red titan team would you take: Grimm with 13 emblems, Costumed Kiril with 18 emblems or Costume Kiril without the costume at 18 emblems?

Thank you in advance!

I’ll take Costume Kiril please Bob


Maybe try vela, fenrir, Kiril w/o Costume, Grimm, Wu.

That would give you a little heal, attack up , def up, def down, titan attack down, some tile damage and a good measure of misses.

Jott might be less beneficial overall than Kiril

Edit: I missed the entrenched part.

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This would be good advice if I didn’t see what those Jott tiles do…they are gigantic. Uncostumed Kiril would keep Jott alive longer, but he’s too valuable to omit.

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I’ll have to give Jott a second chance then.

Jott is really only usable vs. titans. But with that he does his job really well.

You have to time him well. Often you need to hold his special until more blue tiles as he only buffs tiles that are on the board at that moment.