Final fire level

I have Lady Loki, Baldur and Azlar(1000 emblem available) at or near 3-70. I have all the toys for the final chevron. I know it depends so her are the depends
Mitsuke,18&7, Zim17, Marijanua18, Anzogh, Khagan, Grazul9, wilber20, BT20,18,4-80 with CB

so which one get the final? would getting Azlar’s costume change your mind?

suggestions appreciated.

With what you have, Lady Loki will be the most fun. None of these will replace and of your current heroes on defense so LL will bring you the most entertainment. Oh, she’s really good too.

Love Lady Loki in raids. You have to watch when to use her special, but she is so much fun!

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