FINAL EXODUS - New Alliance, experienced players, recruiting now!

We are a group of experienced players, most playing for over a year and some of us playing together for almost as long, looking to make that push for the top. Our members range from level 41 to 65.

If you want to get in on the ground floor of a friendly, competitive, active group----we may be the place for you!

2200 cups and a war defense team of at least 4k.
War is optional ( but preferred), and you are expected to use all flags if you don’t opt out.
4 hits on titans, with a minimum total of at least 50k (not in effect yet as we are still on baby titans lol)
Line required for communication.
English speaking, but we have members from all over.
Communicate and let us know if life/work/family happens and you need to be away…it happens to all of us!

Any questions, ask here or contact myself or mile high on the line app.

18 hours in and at 18 members already! Don’t wait too long!

Looking forward to meeting some new friends and growing together!

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This is where its at

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is Line a must ? I temporarily work in Moscow, this app is forbidden here LOL
I start looking for some new alliance after 8 month playing in the actual one.
Want to get some new experience.

I am sorry but yes, we require Line. As we have people all over the world, we have found it is much too difficult to communicate without it.

You sound like a great player, ready to grow, so I am sure there are lots of groups that would love to have you, and don’t require the Line app.

I wish you the best of luck, in finding your next group…….I am going to tag a couple of others that may have groups that don’t require Line,

@Rigs @Lagun @Konijntje @Annieb


@LadyAnesthesia Thanks for tagging me :slight_smile:
@FSpauL We do have a line group, but it’s not mandatory, as long as you read the featured message and respond in the chat.
Here is our recruiting message:
Down the rabbit hole.../The Cheshire Cat are both recruiting

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Thanks for tag me @LadyAnesthesia. We also have same policy :smiley: line is mandatory.
Hope He found the best home!!!

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Any communication app not banned in moscow?


According to my knowledge only LINE is blocked. WhatsApp, Viber, telegram, messenger everything works.


Thanks a lot. I understand. Wish you the best of luck :slight_smile:


@Konijntje could you say what requirements you have to enter Down the rabbit hole alliance?

Thank you @bozone33. I feel like searching a bit more demanding group.

@FSpauL We only require a defense team above 3500 and a high level of activity. We are easy going, just want people to try to improve rather than expecting them to excel at all parts of the game.
If you look at our members, you can see that most are a lot above the 3500 tp (except for our one cupdropper, but he has a wardefense of 4200 :wink: ), maybe we should up the requirement a bit.
We fight mostly 11* titans, we only kill the 12s when they are rare usually and only fall back to 10 titans when we aren’t full. The last rare 12* did go down fairly easy, so we might kill more 12* titans at some point. (When full and when the right colour).

Really dude, you’re going to come and try recruit in our recruiting messages, not cool at all.

I don’t wanna be rude, but, can you guys please go start your own thread for recruiting, instead of using ours, thanks.

Erm, sorry - I was tagged here by the OP so thought it was cool. I apologise whole heartedly. I’ll remove it :frowning:

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It’s ok… I tagged the other people, we require Line and the player looking for a group can’t use it… I tagged them to see if maybe one of them might have a group that doesn’t require it.

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I apologize FINAL EXODUS members for the mess caused by me. I’m a newbie in SG forum and didn’t intend to block your recruitment.

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All good! Just a misunderstanding no worries, and I hope you have found a home.


Hope you found the good alliance and have a great journey with Them.
@LadyAnesthesia really appreciate to remember and tag me in. Hope your kindness can also bring new member to fill your spot in your alliance!
Best luck for us.

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@Annieb @Lagun @Konijntje @Rigs @bozone33 @FSpauL

Please accept my apologies for any misunderstandings with the tags,This new alliance was forged with much hard work and high hopes, and emotions run high sometimes. Sice is a great person, but understandably a little protective of what we are trying to build together.

I tagged you because I have seen from your posts that you are great players, and encourage and support newer members…appreciate you all trying to find a good spot for @FSpauL.

Wishing you all the best!


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