Final blow to TC20 heroes

I browsed a bit through the new costumes feature… I think SG just gave the final blow to TC20 heroes… all of us who struggle against HOTM and event heroes using only TC20, will finally be shown where we belong as we’ll only be able to fight in the little league from now on. As it was not possible for me in 1.5 years to get a decent 5* roster using TC20, getting the matching costumes for the heroes I own only feels like a crude joke… however, the real master blow will come with the costumes for Kunchen, Guin, Gravemaker, Kage, Seshat, Kingston & company… when costumed and fully emblemed they will become virtually immortals and imune to the classic ways to do battle against them… whit the new stats bonuses and added the maxed costumes bonuses SG will finally achive the final stage of a master plan. Finally, an expensive defense will make a difference and will be impossible to take out without an expensive attack set-up. Well done SG! F2P players all over the world signing out… Experience, skill and countless hours of grind will be of little importance soon… I’ve already feelt my interest towards the game fading away for a while, as the game became more and more P2W. Now it’s close to indiferent to me… It’s becoming a windmill fight… Anyway, I think the whole game is rolling down the wrong path and loosing the interest of the little and non-spenders who still make the bulk of the player base… time for me to lay low… I’ll keep playing for a while, as a hobby but I fear the glory days of E&P are gone… Alchemy lab - a new, long awaited building that now nobody wants to build… Path of valor - where you will need to pay to get the rewards you already won in battle… Costumes - just as impossible to get without spending as heroes are, only 10 times more prefid as you need to get a specific costume for the hero you own, so many of them may just gatter dust in your inventory… I bet costume keys will be just as easy to come by as challenge coins (I got 3 of those during Wonderland, in 200+ event runs)… what’s the point… I’m more and more disappointed with every new feature that comes out. They’re all useless unless you intent to spend lots of money on them…


I always thought that the costume feature was released for the classic TC20 heroes only, so that they become a little bit stronger than their current versions, or am I missing something?




Of course, they are released for TC20… But the next logical step is costumes for all heroes… why not? Money will flow in endless streams for a Gravemaker costume… or two… or three… What!? I’ve met some teams with three maxed Gravemakers…


And Kunchen tanks run into my three Maxed Joons; and Ariel tanks run into my three maxed Liannas…


I don’t think that will happen. In one of the AMAs, the devs were asked whether they were planning to buff the Season 1 heroes to keep up with the power creep of the Season 2 heroes, event heroes and the HOTMs, and their answer was the costume thing. So why would they suddenly increase the power creep again? I am not saying that it’s impossible but I don’t think that it will be the next logical step. They have already introduced more powerful event heroes and HOTMs this year, and with Season 3 they will have the chance to introduce even more powerful heroes, so I don’t see the benefit of of releasing costumes for season 2 and HOTMs, because that would simply hurt their revenue for pulling future more powerful heroes.


They might release one costume each for the S2/event/… heroes and two or three different ones for every TC20 hero to further increase the stat bonus.

Then whales will have Lianna with +10 % attack, +10 % defense and +20 % health while F2Ps might have a “lucky” Richard costume while Richard hasn’t shown up in the TC so far and they can’t use it…

The only way to not further widen the power gap would be to allow costumes or keys to be crafted (long crafting time, high cost) or keys to be obtained as rare extra loot or mission reward or raid event award or whatever. Everyone should have decent chances to get 4* and maybe a few 5* costumes via active playing.


I trust SG to go where the money are… and I think there’s lots of money in costumes for HOTM and event heroes. I don’t think big spenders will throw money into Horghall’s wooden jester suit… they don’t need it, it’s still slow Horghall, unfitt to stand next to Grave, Kunchen, Guin, Ursena and so… But have a Grave costume hit the fan and they’d be all over it like flyes on …, only to have it maxed the same day… fatality…


My f2p friend made it to 18th place global using mostly 4*, only 2 fully maxed 5*. Guys, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or have the best heroes to do well in this game. I kill Kunchen and Guinevere tanks all the time by strategizing and with color stacking.

I’m f2p now and I’m still loving the game, still growing, still learning. All the whining is pretty silly imo.


@zephyr1, there is another thread like this one that I’ve been commenting in. They seem very similar

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Except is not whining… is the result of a year and a half f2p experience… Global #18 means nothing… I’ve been to global top 10 several times and except for a brief moment of foolish pride, it brings you nothing… ten minutes later you’ll be back down in the mire… and anyway, soon as the costumes for special heroes will go live and their emblems will reach +20, even this brief moment of glory will be denied to players such as us… the game is fun as long as there is progress in you lines. Soon as progress comes to halt, all fun is gone… until a while back there was slow but steady progress in my lines. But now it’s been months since the last decent hero walked into my camp… all I draw and all I train is futile 3* and useless 4* doubles… I’m reduced to training 3* for tounament purposes… feeding 4* heroes to 3* heroes just to free roster space has become common practice… I don’t need them, I don’t want them, they are of no use to me… I need to move forward, not tread the wather… Every pull, every training resulting in another 3 or 4* is just wasted time for me, and at some point will become for you too, if you’ll play that long…


I am also an F2P player, and I totally depend on my TC20 for any chance of 5 stars, unless I get really lucky with coin pulls. But the entire premise of this thread is imaginary, no one has announced or even hinted to any costume feature for any heroes other than TC20. You just created a topic on pure speculation and constantly complaining about something that has not happened yet. So, I am totally lost as what is the point of it all. If you don’t like the costumes just don’t use it, but claiming it to be something which it is not is simply not rational. On the other hand, if you have some proof to the contrary feel free to discuss it with us. But until then, this seems like a nice feature and if players want to use it to improve their TC20 heroes, I don’t see any harm in it. Personally, I don’t like the feature yet and probably won’t be using it any time soon. I will just grab the free keys every month and pull whatever I get. It’s not a priority for me right now.


I wish you were right, but I really doubt they will limit costumes to TC20. That wouldn’t be… lucrative…


Getting a 5* hero is now just as useless as getting a 3*.

That 5* remains useless until you’ve stacked it with emblems & now added a costume with added stats.


You will be able to attack ONCE with your 1st flag using a decent set of stacked 5* heroes, and then you’re down to your unstacked 5s who will be as useless as using 3s against 4*s .
And with ENEMY AID, it gets even MORE ridiculous.

Your Magni will hit their magni, 500 damage. Their Magni will hit yours… Goodnight Magni.

Wars were the only thing keeping it going, now they’re ruining that as well.


I echo what the pirate said.

Rather than being pesimistic and a doomsayers, enjoy the costumes… If it all happens the way you said, open the thread then and complain
… for now tho…


I can totally understand your concerns. But let’s wait till they actually do it and then we can all protest together. :slight_smile:


Yeah… right… about that… for this month I’m already enjoying two costumes :grin::grin::grin:. Think I’m gonna soon discover new usefulness levels to Gunnar and Brienne… Hurray! Sooooo happy!


No idea if sarcasm or not but I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and say “good for you!”

I’m pretty happy with my 3x 3* costumes.

Now have a mini Athena who I may take to some titans… Who knows haha


Not to troll but to make a counter point; I just got Vivica costume with a single free key summon for my (TC20 obtained) Vivica, and I’m quite content on the f2p side…


Kiddin, right?! Of course it’s 100% purest sarcasm! What the hell am I to do with Gunnar and Brienne v 2.0?! I barely use them once every two month for the 3* tourneys and that is unless their color is missing… the only thing that would make my day are 5* heroes… ar the moment I don’t need aniyhing else… got tons of mats and nobody to use them on… of course, a 5* costume might come in handy, but I won’t get it anytime soon using keys, and even If I got it, what are the odds it will fitt any of my heroes?! I’m not complaining, I know perfectly what I signed up for as f2p, I’m just observing… things tend to go from bad to worst for our kind… Let’s day that costumes would be a gesture of good faith towards TC20 users, as SG claims… then why make it so darn impossible to get these costumes? No… once again, decent costumes, just as decent heroes, can’t be gained by any other means but pulls… and we all know where that leads…