Final Atlantis Summon Results (of a FTP)

Well, I’m officially out of gained Atlantis coins having finished all the easy and hard levels. I’ll now be down to about 1 pull a month from accumulated coins. Here are all of the Atlantis heros I have gained.

5* = Miranda
4* = 2 Agwe, Proteus, Danzaburo, 2 Gadeirus
3* = 2 Melia, 2 Gato, 2 Chochin, 3 Mnesseus, 3 Namahage, 2 Muggy

No hotm (old or new)

So I’m still missing a decent amount of season 2 heros with a very slim chance of obtaining them :disappointed_relieved:


Don’t lose the hopes. My best pulls have came from single coins (Got Hel - Proteus in consecutive single pulls), instead, my last 10x pull (I threw some money hoping for any of the featuerd heroes of june) just gave me Chao and Sumitomo (meeeh they will sit at 1/1).

So keep trying. 1 pull is everything you could need. And now with Atlantis rises, we can farm some Atlantis coins.

BTW, is Miranda some secret hero not even released in beta? didn’t know about her


If I was f2p I’d quit and play something more rewarding. Comparatively to other games, this is pretty definitively c2p minimum to have a good time and mountain to climb otherwise. Even just the second Base builder is near obligatory :frowning:

Kudos for sticking it out though, also Miranda is the best!

I was thinking the same thing during Atlantis Rising as I used my final stash of Atlantis coins. My tally:

5* : nope
4* : 2 Gadeirus, Gobbler, Danzaburo, Ameonna (the last two coming in the final 5 pulls)
3* : I think I got at least 1 of each, except Muggy

There were also a couple of regular 4* early on that were useful, back when pretty much any 4* was useful.

Me three, my last atlantis coins were underwhelming (a lot of vanilla heroes) but at least I got gloves from the ascension mat chest. I have mixed feelings about it. I did get Inari the one time I paid for a 10 pull, and over the course of completing the provinces I got the 4s that I most desired (wilbur and proteus) and one of the old hotm (Aeron) so it feels like I did reasonably well, considering the odds.

I don’t entirely agree with @Executive though. I was C2P for 6 months, and F2P since then. Having the double builder was helpful for much of that time, no doubt. And gems from VIP and the pulls I did thickened out my roster but the fact that remained that even so it took 10+ months to max my first red 5*. And the rest of the rainbow took more than 6 months.

So yeah, being C2P can fast track your early game and net you some shinies early. Maybe you get some HotMs on the way (I got more HotMs via tokens). And you get to TC20 faster. But then you can get stuck at the ascension wall anyway. And even now, after several months of being dependent on ingame gems and hero tokens the only thing I could actually max today is a 5* ice hero.

So I would argue that there’s no reason why a patient F2P that makes wise choices with what they have can’t have a fine time, so long as they manage their expectations. Certainly I’d say, based on the forum, that disappointment is quite common in those who spend as well :wink:

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It’s Misandra…


As an F2P, I utilize invite feature to gain access to VIP (that is how I collected the gems for these pulls). I also happen to finish Atlantis (Hard) last month.

5☆ x 4 (6%)
4☆ x 18 (27.3%)
3☆ x 44 (66.7%)

Hero Star Element Source Atlantis Period
Sonya 4 Ice Coin November
Namahage 3 Fire Coin November
Hu Tao 4 Holy Coin November
Friar Tuck 3 Nature Coin December
Proteus 4 Dark Coin January
Prisca 3 Dark Gem February
Gadeirus 4 Nature Gem February
Mnesseus 3 Nature Gem February
Melia 3 Holy Gem February
Dawa 3 Holy Gem February
Gill-Ra 3 Dark Gem February
Chochin 3 Dark Gem February
Melia 3 Holy Gem February
Proteus 4 Dark Gem February
Friar Tuck 3 Nature Gem February
Balthazar 3 Dark Coin February
Tiburtus 4 Dark Coin February
Mnesseus 3 Nature Coin February
Melia 3 Holy Coin February
Mnesseus 3 Nature Coin February
Berden 3 Nature Coin February
Chochin 3 Dark Coin February
Mnesseus 3 Nature Coin February
Namahage 3 Fire Coin February
Danzaburo 4 Holy Coin March
Ameonna 4 Dark Coin March
Jahangir 3 Fire Gem April
Renfeld 3 Dark Gem April
Ariel 5 Ice Gem April
Colen 4 Fire Gem April
Chochin 3 Dark Gem April
Ameonna 4 Dark Gem April
Thoth-Amun 5 Dark Gem April
Scarlett 4 Fire Gem April
Gobbler 4 Nature Gem April
Chochin 3 Dark Gem April
Kailani 3 Holy Coin April
Sabina 4 Dark Coin April
Gobbler 4 Nature Coin April
Chochin 3 Dark Coin April
Jahangir 3 Fire Coin April
Namahage 3 Fire Coin May
Kelile 4 Fire Coin May
Gato 3 Ice Coin May
Mnesseus 3 Nature Coin May
Namahage 3 Fire Coin May
Sartana 5 Dark Coin May
Namahage 3 Fire Coin June
Valen 3 Ice Coin June
Namahage 3 Fire Coin June
Berden 3 Nature Coin June
Mnesseus 3 Nature Coin June
Gill-Ra 3 Dark Coin June
Ameonna 4 Dark Coin June
Melia 3 Holy Coin June
Chochin 3 Dark Gem June
Gato 3 Ice Gem June
Chochin 3 Dark Gem June
Kelile 4 Fire Gem June
Muggy 3 Nature Gem June
Proteus 4 Dark Gem June
Mitsuko 5 Fire Gem June
Chochin 3 Dark Gem June
Gunnar 3 Ice Gem June
Azar 3 Fire Gem June
Mnesseus 3 Ice Coin June

At least you did get Proteus. I’m at the same point, and without Proteus or Wilbur. Poseidon was a nice consolation prize, though! Also, F2P all the way. Patience can substitute for money. Hehe.

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