Final Ascension - Caedmon, Tiburtus or Sabina?

I finally got another pair of fine gloves (bought in the special last night, they never seem to turn up for me), and I can ascend only 1 hero all the way. I love and use all three of these heroes (switching out Sabina and Tiburtus when need be) and am having a really hard time deciding. I used my last pair on Boril because he has been and continues to be invaluable to me. I could also bring a Drake Fong to his 3rd dart but it’ll be forever until I get everything I need to go further with him, so I’m concentrating on my 4* peeps. If wasn’t short 2 hidden blades I’d use the gloves on Boldtusk, no question, but I’m waiting on those for now. Any feedback on this would be appreciated! Here’s my team as it is now. Screenshot_20181031-145551_Empires|281x500

I am in the same boat for gloves. Haven’t seen any in a month or so. Have probably 15 heros sitting at 60 waiting on those gloves.

This is a tough choice. All 3 are very good.I have Caed and tibs maxed, sabina at 60.

I can’t see your roster so in a nutshell I would say Tibs I think. His special is invaluable in all aspects of the game.

I have Caedmon and Sabina maxed. While I love both, they both debuff the enemy. So sometimes I think I should max Rigard (cleanses allies) instead or use another healer and ascend Tiburtus or Cyprian for 4* purple.
So in short, Tiburtus gets another vote.

Thanks guys! I also have Rigard but am having trouble with his special skill level-up. He’s almost ready to ascend to the final dart, but his special skill is only at a 4. It’s frustrating and I’m worried he’s never going to get to an 8.

I was thinking Tiburtus too, so I’m glad to have this feedback! Thanks again!

No problem. Usually on 4* heroes getting to the 8/8 special happens most of the time. Just feed him 10 at a time. 3* heroes though… other story.

I’d say tiburtus because purple doesn’t have a lot of hitters. I’m quite sure tibs is the only 4* purple hitter but I could be wrong.

If your whole roster of 4* heroes was at 3^60, where are you weakest? Looking at those heroes, if you cannot elevate keystones don’t waste the mats on placeholders.

Boldtusk is not my fave, but he is going to be taking a place in your lineup longer than a bero you moved too far like Boril. Save materials and resources and look ahead.

I actually have a ton of ascension materials for 4* heroes EXCEPT for the fine gloves, so I didn’t feel like I was wasting anything on Boril (also, he was the only one I could level up at the time, and I find him very useful!). I didn’t realize that he’s considered a placeholder. I see fully-leveled Borils all the time! Anyway, Bud, do you have any advice on the question I asked?

Another vote for Tiburtus his special is useful both for titans and raids/war.

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First, I am not able to access your screenshot, so it is a small problem. Next, my advice is to not level up any 4* past 3^60 until you see a team forming.

I saw lots of maxed Borils in gold tier, and my roster of non-maxed 4*s never feared him. He was a defender who was like my Cyprian in that he was not helping me elevate my attack.

There are TC20 cornerstone 4* that will carry a team: Kiril, BT, Wu and Rigard. They need pieces to work as you go from 4* to 5*. Your three do not work as such.

I am not saying the three will not help your team. The advice is to wait for a hero that pulls others up, and then one or more of your current heroes will act as cement.

Now, since you twisted my arm, I say Caedmon will be the best choice to help long term.

Since you plan on bringing up BT I would wait on Sabina, although eventually you’ll want all of your healers ascended for war, but I consider Rigard more important than her for the cleanse. As for Tiburtus & Caedmon, both have their place and are good, but Tiburtus will be someone you’ll bring in for most titans and attacks, whereas Caedmon is more for the specialized buff removal (which will still work at 3/60), not really for the hit. So Tiburtus gets my vote.

Thanks for the advice everyone! I ascended Tiburtus!

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