Final Aegir or 3rd acsend Magni?

I just got 4th warm cape…
I have heard Aegir might get improved in near future . ?
Not sure if he is worth finalling vs 3rd acsend Magni…
Leaning to Magni… but opposing thoughts out there?

Magni has proven great at 4.80
Aegir don’t know yet. U should wait till the buff

Magni top, ataka ccc

Magni at the moment is surely your best bet. Rumors are indeed going round about buffing aegir, so if you don’t urgently need a strong blue hero i would hold off until patch 20.

Then again you should always look at your full roster. Whatever way aegir will turn out, chances are he’ll still have a tank role. Do you already have a decent to good tank? Or do you need more snipers in your team? Stuff to consider.

Went with magni. Beter alrounder for my needs. Thanks

Wise choice. 20…

My main worry was they would buff aegir and he would become awesome… then i would have to wait for 4 more capes to ascend him.

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