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Is it possible to have a function on forums to filter a topic in a way which lets you see only posts of moderators and above (plus maybe OP)?

I know I can “search in this topic” for @zephyr1, but a format of the response it shows is really inconvenient to browse.

And that’s what I’m currently doing when I want to browse a long topic and check for important answers.

If this is not already a feature of discourse (the forum software) you would have to make a feature request to them. SGG do not control the forum software.

You sorta can… I don’t think you can do a GROUP of user filtering but you can filter a specific person:

Step 1: find the person in the thread you want to filter (hopefully they are at the top of the thread:

Step 2: tap (or click) that person’s icon & it shows this view:

Step 3: hit the “X posts in this topic” and it will filter those posts by that user.

I don’t believe there is any way to add more “people” to that filter tho so you would need to filter on each person you want to read :frowning:


This thing from @Guvnor surely helps partially.



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You need to cross post this somewhere where people can find it in the future.

Does NOT work if user only has 1 reply.

Does work if user has 3 replies.

I could not find an example of 2 replies since it only lists the top 18 users in each topic.


Alternative solution… you could do what I did…

Annoy the living crap out of the moderator team until they open a private thread with you, then you can ask them questions directly. :grin:

Oopsie… just realized I probably made their jobs 1000x harder… :laughing:

That’s what you guys get for outnumbering me in the counting thread!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can just stalk, er, follow the moderator activity:


Narrow it to your favorites:

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It works the same if you tap their face IN the thread too. So if you search first for their post using the :mag: and checking “this thread only”

Then you just do:

  1. Find their post

  2. Tap their “face” or avatar

  3. Tap the “X posts in thread” and it’ll filter. Good for those threads where there are people being repetitive clogging up the “frequent posters” & you just want to read your favourite authors.


This would be a nice addition to Discourse.

Ooo. Black magic. :sparkles: I like it. :sparkling_heart:


Filter by user

If you want to read before, or after, a filtered post, you can look up the actual post number

In the above example it is @zephyr1 9/9 post in the topic. But by clicking the link button, it displays the actual post is #128.

This allows you to go to post #128 and then scroll up or down.

You can also hit refresh page on your web browser, but sometimes that will move you to a random post further up the topic.

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