Fighting Titans - Memento by Nynaeve

Memento of essential heroes against the titans

Titans : Dark

Titans : Holy

Titans : Ice

Titans : Nature

Titans : Fire

Feel free to comment and/or correct, any feedback much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Last Update : May 26, 2023

do not hesitate to check the version of my friend Zartanis too : it rocks !


Thx for making this list too :slight_smile:


it’s always a pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:

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Holly (yellow 4* from christmas) increase normal attack and she is nit on the list.


Updated. Thank you @Radar1 ^^


Super helpful. Thank you for your contributions!!!


Adjusments and corrections.


Thanks for the list! It is very useful!

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I’ve updated my graphic with Green Knight.


@DuncanDK @Spartiate : as I don’t know if @Wick will update his graphics, please feel free to use mines as you wish if it’s convenient for u ^^

Bonsoir nyna je suis un ami a iz je peux enfin te remercier en personne pour ton beau travail :blush: j’ai juste un ancien travail de wick mais pas de mise à jour

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j’adore Iz d’amour ^^
est-ce que mon doc te plait ? il prend de la place, mais ça le vaut xD

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Honnêtement il est excellent c’est ce que j’ai dit à iz et j’ai eu beaucoup de bons retours sur mes groupes fb et partager avec des joueurs ils sont vraiment content c’est très agréable a regarder facile a lire et une très bonne résolution je te remercierai jamais assez
Ps:non il prend pas de place vu toutes les nouveautés :sweat_smile:

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How about adding this guy?


@Nynaeve_alMeara je peux partagé celles du titan ?

bien sur tu peux partager ^^

of course you can share my graphics :slightly_smiling_face:

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Merci mais je parle français t’inquiète pas, :rofl:

OP updated with the latest visuals, including Ray and Roxia.

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Awesome @Nynaeve_alMeara :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Hi for green titan, there is illmarinen who def debuf -56% for 4 turns

(And in practice Kornel will always start from -48% since he activate his passive attack 100% of the time :wink: he also can attack buff on 1st mana charge)

Skrekok is only 3 turns

Kiril C2 does not have attack buffer ( he has enemy attack debuff) – except his individual superior talent)

On dark titans, maybe we consider Mist as special attack buff?

Thanks again for the great graphic!