Fighting familiar names

Fun indeed even if I was hoping to do better this war. No tiara for me!

I’d say you had great war. Especially when you consider the behemoths you were facing.

I was hoping for top spot on our team too since I would have gotten to choose our next war face. My regular avatar is the Wabbit so there would have been wabbits everywhere but field aid ruins everything good and pure in this world.

Found some names during my raids


Saw me in your tower?

@AirHawk, found you, didn’t realize until after the match, otherwise I would have recorded it.
And just couldn’t reach the top like you did moments after.

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Yeah. Forgotten to record. Will do next time. :wink:

Personally if I don’t get 4-5 1shots I figure I should have done better. I don’t expect to go 6/6 every time or even all that often, tho.

We don’t do war paint all that often. Next time I take top points I’m going to call it…I always think it is fun.


Well it doesn’t get any more familiar than this!! Same name, same shark, both with pins and backgrounds:

What’s even better is that it took me 2 attacks to win and it took him 2 attacks to get revenge:

Fun times.


Obviously, you were both gonna need a bigger boat.


I must have missed it! But don’t leave your next visit so long next time :wink:

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Wolfy has served me very well so far :slight_smile:

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@Ray008 , is this you? Or is it a different Ray? It’s a long battle! :crossed_swords:

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This one I know, @Rfm ! Greetings!

Enjoy both hits :). The music is fitting since I contemplated using my blue stack but went with speed on Evelyn - Lianna.

Flag 2 (Dance, Alice!)


Thx just saw now… i didnt record revenge… but same thing only at second flag…

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@havok333 Is this you? If yes, then I apologize for not recording the fight, I realized only after it was over. :neutral_face:


Nope not me. I’m with Batman Returns…Shame :grinning:

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Finally get to post in this thread! Got matched up with you in the tournament.

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@Ender_BattleSchool I just beat you but didn’t realize until I was done. No video. Sorry. But play by play is available.

I hate Ursena. Since you had yellow flanks, despite purple wings, I went 4-1 purple yellow. My yellow was Vivica so no reflect. Our hitters for my purple. Seshat. Domitia. Ursena. Proteus.

Boards were good. A lot of purple and yellow that went at Ursena. But since she’s strong purple and I only had one yellow, not much damage.

Ursena struck me but Vivica healed me right up. Proteus our the stop on drake and kage. Then I hit both Poseidon and Seshat once with my strikers.

A few more tiles and Ursena and drake went down. Kage got his mana back and came swinging but no kill. He went down next. Some purple tiles and specials to take out Poseidon and then Seshat went down last. Somehow my proteus went down but I don’t recall how exactly.

Good battle and enjoy the revenge.


@madmarv My apologies for no video as I didn’t notice until after the win.

That is a punishing defense and my first try stalled leaving me at the mercy of Zeline and Seshat after I managed to clear the right side:

Here is the team I used for both flags:


Good job. Heh, the mono-blue usually does the job or gets wiped by a buffed Zeline. I don’t know if you’ll still be in my tower when I get flags for the next raid chest. I’m on an upswing and I can’t even fit both of your hits in the same screen shot of my tower. You might roll out of the tower in an hour.


No worries. I had to roll blue or suffer great indignities I think. Good Luck on your climb.
Go! Fight! Kill!

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