Fighting familiar names

@Graff.von.Cilli found you in my watchtower and whoa…you destroyed me 3x totes …

Nice defense!
I only videoed the first mass destruction…lol…I’m put it up on u-tube…:rofl::rofl:

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I remembered to record it but forgot to upload it. I was doing the purple mono challenge and you came across. Wasn’t sure l’ll make it but l had to try it. Luckily RNG was on my side this time. Tough battle


@Star150m didn’t realise it was you after the battle. A really tight power struggle until the mid of the match but I managed to take the team down. Really intense match

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2 gingers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck: congrats!

i put random teams on defense, probably put this to test something

I’ll see if i can find you in the tower

edit: i had the revenge recorded

lokis charged twice. copied gestalt 2nd charge then erlang

the rest of my team didn’t do anything :sweat_smile:

if your gestalt fired again i was definitely gone

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@MountainMann while out looking for Hornfel, I found yours, my only saving grace was a good starting board, what a monster! Recorded if your interested.


Awesome! Thank you. I’m definitely considering maxing the dupe of him i pulled

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Hello Chadmo,
met you in the tourney today.

It was a really close fight.
Recognized you to late, would have recorded otherwise.

Happy gaming


Awesome Gimliv! Glad to have a forum legend beat me! Just got the Bagrog avatar yesterday, so I can see the time line of the hit.

Thanks for posting!

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Finally found someone! And got my butt kicked 3 times.

@Vandermar1979 you have strong team, Xiamara and Pepperflame killed me all 3 times.

Also I think this is @Shogo , I managed to beat you in second try but it was close.


@MountainMann I fought you with my own salmon team and won. Didn’t even realise it was you until the very last minute. The salmons from both sides fired viciously and it was such a fun battle.

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Ive been leaving that defense up for almost a week now , its been crazy effective at usually staying around 3200 cups

@Blessed-I-Am I hesitated to post this because it’s not a good look for me lol, but I have to give props to your defense.

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Lol thanks ………. It happens the scorpion lady is killing me having a problem with her can’t wait to level mine so I can even the playing field so I know how you feel

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@sylvelliorFD found yours and had to challenge you. Lost the first one due to a bad board

@Paulished is this you? :slightly_smiling_face: If so you have been the first Forum friend I’ve found! While I did win, your multiple mana cutters were very irritating and didn’t make it easy :wink:


Hi @Blessed-I-Am

I’d love to meet you anywhere except rush :cold_sweat:

I’d say good luck but don’t think you need it :wink:


Found @Colonel

No luck fn annoying defence haha :joy:

1st team .

2nd team

3rd let’s go mono

Stay dangerous :green_heart::+1:


Well met! I also found your defense troubling. Even with a decent board, I had to scramble to avoid that Arco-Pengi synergy!


Was wondering if that was you seen you had scorpion lady max with troop so I skip over you but good luck


@L33tVortex12596 did you change your name in game? If so, man that is one tough defense. Broke through on my 3rd try, but dangit was I cursing your team the other two times lol