Fighting familiar names


The cups are in the dishwasher, feel free to come and collect them :wink:


Thanks for cleaning them!

Bunny revived and almost killed everyone.


She’s a rascally rabbit, to be sure!

Do you think my shiny new prof lindenbrock would be more problematic than Norns?


Possibly, but might need to be wing to fire early with that formation? Not sure how the tile distribution usually works out for reverse.

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Thanks for the cups @Liam_K! :smiling_imp:

I had a nice board. :innocent:

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50!? That’s what happens when I leave at 2600 and my defense is too successful and reaches 2700 :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just welcomed you to HA10 “hell”. I didn’t expect that I’d roll you, and steal cups though. :rofl:

You still owe me 18…

There’s video if you want or I can screenshot the important moments


Yes please to the video.

I have screenshots too, if you’d like. :slightly_smiling_face: I can’t record atm, need to delete some raid videos. :scream:

@JonahTheBard i think you raided me. I have a revenge video recorded if you have line. My line id is my user name if interested. :slight_smile:


I rather think I did :laughing:

I’ll try to catch you on Line

Here’s the video. Not sure if you can learn anything to improve your defense from it :smiley:

Opening board wasn’t great, but got a lucky cascade that took out Sir Roostley, and Ametrine just laughs at BK’s taunt :rofl:

Oh, and please post some screenshots


Thanks @Liam_K! First video I’ve seen since adding BK on my defence. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Your video gave me an idea to try using my Ametrine on raids. :+1:

Here are the screenshots. :slightly_smiling_face:

Opening board

First one down

Bryn’s buffs

Last two standing


She’s really good against taunters and riposters since she dispels first before she hits

Her damage especially at first charge is not great though so she’s more support

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I only rarely stumble upon famous faces, but they don’t get much more famous than @JonahTheBard ! :wink:


Unless this is an impostor… and man, 49 cups! :smiley: I guess accidentally bumping my Titan team to my defense and dropping to around 2400 really made it worth my while, too!

Good gaming!


@Mallix my Dear,
when coming home from work I realized that you sneaked into my watchtower to grab some cups… I am pretty sure you understand that I cannot accept this :grin:



Nice 1!!! A very good anti team vs me!

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