Fighting familiar names

The return of @JonahTheBard ! First post I’ve seen from you in a while. Good to have you back around, friend. Rumor is you got some kind of real-life good news that kept you away. Hope that’s true.


Howdy, friend weasel.

Yes indeed, I’ve got a transfer and a move across the country.


Wow! I can understand you being away, then. I’m a home-body, so a transfer across the country wouldn’t be good news for me. Also, your country is quite a bit smaller than mine (US)! But it sounds like you are happy about the move, and so I am happy for you, and also happy you’re back around.


I actually didn’t recognize him with that avatar. It would be as if I switched to a sheep.


He (Deadlift) lost a revenge battle to my Malicna defense when I went for number 1, which was a nice little pep-up for Malicna’s confidence

@JekylandHyde Hey there. Wouldn’t mind if you revenge me back. My game name is same as forum name.


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Nice hit! Where’s the vid of the first attack :wink: If you want me to get this up as an attack/revenge video, please send this to me on LINE: JekylandHyde

But the def works nice.
New highest without own attacks.



Didn’t notice the name until after the attack so didn’t record it. Used this team to attack

Got 3 tiles down the middle to kill Sif. 3 more Purple tiles for Clarissa and the 2 ninjas to charge and take out Heimdall. Was pretty quick after that. Neither Finley nor Gefjon fired

Revenge shall be forthcoming.

When my raid chest is opened again :joy:

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Unfortunately I’m going through a crappy board patch and twice bounced. I’ll not give you a third :+1:

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3rd time lucky? :four_leaf_clover: :smiley:

Yep. From famine to feast tbh. It was all over in 2 moves :joy:

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@mhalttu come on man, I thought we were friends.

@Petri, have a word


ThxsxJonah…it was fun if not humbling! Lol

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Pleasantly surprised to find famous names in my watchtower.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@JekylandHyde thanks for raiding my team, it was fun getting the revenge on yours.


Hi @Boolz_San_CK :heart:

I came across you a while ago. Here’s the fight :star_struck:


hey @Jura :wink:


Nice fights, @Boolz_San_CK :blush: Thanks for the videos :wink:

By the way, Joon is the only S1 hero missing from my collection :grimacing:

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Congrats on the revenge!

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