Fighting familiar names

@Cheds, are you with crew-jesters? If you have Line I’ll share a raid battle. I lost the first one, then realised it was you, so recorded the re-match after tweaking my attack team. Thanks for the trophies :innocent:.


Yep that’s me :slight_smile:

Line is Cheds as well but I’m not easy to find for some reason

This one is me



You weren’t kidding :sweat:. My search brings up only one user, which doesn’t match the pic above.
So strange :dizzy_face:… I’ll forward the battle vid to a mutual friend.

Yep. Same old story! No idea why it always does that. I’ll forward the revenge attempt via same means.

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Can you try again for me?? Tried to make it a bit different from the one that always comes up instead of me.


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Nope… There’s no space allowed between
cheds & jesters… No such user :sweat:

I’d check your Id… It might not be what you think it is :thinking:.

Else you can find me on Line :wink:.


Got very lucky with a couple of cascades. Would have been in real trouble if your Ursena had fired.


Thank you for sharing … I’m sorry I didn’t record my battle with you. Apologies

I finally have the opportunity to post in this thread!


I didn’t record a video but here are a few screenshots:



Nice easy revenge for yah :wink: :+1:

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Took 2 tries to beat your double burn defense. Got lucky with a cascade in the 2nd one.

Attempt 1

Attempt 2

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Thanks! This D has been doing really well. I get raided up over 3000 cups regularly while offline.

If you have Line, hit me up and I’ll send you the revenge vid.

Man, I need to check here more often. :rofl:

You stole lots of cups from @Cheds. I strongly approve @Sarah2 :smiling_imp:


Did I? Apologies If I missed that :laughing: I generally don’t pay attention to the names of who I’m raiding

@Cheds No worries :slightly_smiling_face:

20 no worries

It’s tough. I would normally bring cSabina against Sif-cKadilen, but GM and Emilio more or less forces you to bring a cleanser. I would have re-rolled if I didn’t have Grimble, or recognized your name

No Line, but it’s ok. My defense is currently not strong enough for 4700+ teams :sweat_smile:

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Pretty sure Deadlift isn’t on the forum but it’s always nice to shoot down one of the “big fish”



Your generous donation is much appreciated :wink:

I bumped your recruitment thread in gratitude


We can see eye to eye on this @Cheds. :wink:

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Happy to help! Just trying to keep the cup transferral cycle going


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