Fighting familiar names


Team used:

Had a couple of good cascades, but Grazul was my superstar.

Dont have ability to upload vid to here but can send it to you via Line if you want

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Fun times :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tag @Kilted!

Oops guess to show it was a one shot like youra:



Was fun going up against something as DoT heavy as yours trying to time the resistance from Grazul or the cleanse from Rigard against needing a heal. Made the decision that Drake being the biggest main damage had to die first.

And of course Freya being a complete pain.

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When it’s too early and you send your leveling team to raid. Oh man, coffee please, or was it covfefe :thinking::laughing:


When rolling @littleKAF, one must attack. :smiling_imp:

I was fortunate I killed Finley right before he could fire. Frigg fired before I got her. I ended up taking out each hero in order from left to right.


And all heroes survived. Nice!! I just changed back to that formation. I had Freya tank earlier today. I’ll look for a rematch!!!

@SamMe i assume your game name is Samantha?


See @littleKAF is a must hit. He is the creator of this thread.


@SamMe. Here’s the revenge. Warning - it’s lame!!!

I wanted to go 3 yellow with a purple tank. But I love having Joon kill himself with Ursena and didn’t want to go yellow-purple. So I went purple weak. And for the strong color, Vanda beats me more than I’d like to admit so I went blue.

You killed me left to tight. I killed you right to left. How’s that for symmetry. I wasn’t certain I’d win this one. I went cautious at the end and literally pecked Lianna to death (painful way to go). I got the win, but this ain’t pretty.


I like how you think @AirHawk. :wink:

Thank you kindly for the video @littleKAF. Yes, my in-game name is Samantha. I signed up too late to get the same name here. :sweat_smile:

Poor Joon. It was funny to see him kill himself though. :see_no_evil: A win is a win! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@Uclapack I just raided you and would love a video of your revenge for my “Attack/Revenge” series on YouTube. Thank you in advance for the consideration.


I’ve got the honour to upload my first post here with a fight against you (if I’m not mistaken).
I don’t have so much power to face a team like yours, so mono was my only option (in fact, I lost the first encounter).

Hope you could record the revenge. :grin:



My revenge:


Thank you so much.:hugs::hugs:
It’s the first time I see my team attacked.

P.S. I love the music you play in the videos.:star_struck:


Sadly your team didn’t get the chance to cast at all. Nice team, it was unexpected that none of your heroes went off.

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Yes, you won very easily. It was definitely a silent battle of my team. :scream::sweat_smile:

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Just noticed I raided you after you revenge on me :rofl:

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@AirHawk found you :slightly_smiling_face:

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@HyperLite thank you for remembering this old veteran. :blush:

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Hey @PeachyKeen really kind of you to come around around and leave some cups…

Yeah I had a couple rough days where no raid was working. 3/2, 4/1, even mono,… the raids I did win? rainbow.

I filled two chests without winning a match. then burned a few flags later one evening just using my defense team. won three in a row. i should record them.

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