Fighting familiar names

@Olmor got lucky with board after the first few moves. Nice d.


Nice, here’s my revenge.
Btw, scary def, congrats.


Thx buddy. U cut through them like butter. Sweet green team with 2 healers. @Olmor heres video. :grin:


So sad, that my chicken didn’t go off. Would have been nice to see how much damage the rooster had done.

None of my noodles went off. I think I have to fire them.

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Lool. Board ended it fast. If one match didnt take out rooster different story

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Same with your tank. If she had the chance to expand health it would have been hard to get Odin and Frigg down.

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I alternate garnet and bk. I wonder if the green tiles wld have taken him out. U had alot of greens up the middle

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Once I met my husband and I beat him. Lol


Finally a familiar name in my tower.


I am sure that my mostly vanilla Defense didn’t give you too much trouble. :rofl:

I was not as optimistic when I saw your ferocious lineup.

Had no choice but to run mono fire and had a decent starting board.

Always an honor to fight a member of the mighty Crew.

Say hi to everybody and hope you had a good war.

Have a great day.

Yarr!!! :pirate_flag:


[shakes fist menacingly]

Come back here with those 45 cups, you scoundrel!

Nice win. Here’s my last ten defenses. Seems you’ve accomplished something! lol


@Math4lyfe Must of told you about me being a scoundrel. :pirate_flag:

Now the whole world will know !!!

Yarr !!!

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Never!! :hugs::hugs: nice win though. Hope you are well.






When you don’t get a diamond, make one! Nice tile play. Congrats.

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Haha lucky…

Don’t know if they are on the forum, but they are at least familiar to me from several leaderboards.


Needed 2 attempts for revenge.

That’s my boy Jakerbrake! I’ll let him know you posted this. Lol…

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I really like the music you’ve played. Being of the older gen, I am not familiar with it. What is the name of it and the group?

Its a PsyTrance edit of
Jilax & All In One

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