Fighting familiar names

Haha no sweat. Mine is Alfrike, Sif, Telluria, GM, Vela. I just put in Alfrike and Sif about a week ago to see how they would do. It’s not bad but I’m losing slightly more cups than when I had Ursena and Drake in.

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Hello, sorry for what is going on, but unfortunately I do not understand what you are saying, but I am the one who creates these inconsistencies in the accounts

@Homaclese looks like I had a visit to you 2 days ago. Nick in game is just backwards ( Lizard King ) of the name in here :wink:

hah! Give me back my 30 cups

Feel free to take it, enjoying wine with sushi and waiting for Destiny raid streams now :smiley:
My defense compared to yours shall be a cake on the walk :wink:

I’d worry more about that 16k ham.

@JekylandHyde; hopefully you recorded your hits on me in War!!

I’ll make sure I return the favour (if I can) :stuck_out_tongue:

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The pleasure was mine. The videos are processing on YouTube now. They should be available soon.

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YUCK!! that that first board was HORRENDOUS!!!

That moment after you spam tapped Alberich & then nobody revived would have been the worst…

The second attempt was MUCH more friendly haha. Silly lepus nuking himself on Mitsuko :sob:

Got unlucky again with hit 3 but then the tiles dropped nicely for hits 4,5,6

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I am sure I had an audible response when Alby flopped. It’s all good though as Alby has saved me many times. It’s the boards … always the dice roll. Excellent war and congrats on your victory. We are still growing/maturing as a Top 100 team so it was a treat for us to fight you. Best of luck on the battle field!

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