Fighting familiar names

I’m pretty sure I fought (and beat) @Guvnor a day or two ago, but I don’t usually pay attention to names during matchmaking and I forgot to record it.

I got hit so many times since then that it’s dropped off the end of my raid list.

Sorry, I’ll try to be more vigilant next time.

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I tend to get hit a lot too & don’t pay tooo much attention :stuck_out_tongue: was it a Killhare - Roostly - Lepus centre trio?

To be honest, I don’t even remember.

I do have a life outside E&P after all :wink:


:scream: you what now?!?!?


I’ve come across only two familiar names in 3 years from previous alliances. I get mostly European opponents when online since they are asleep when I’m online so…

Pictures or fake

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Is that absolutely necessary @JonahTheBard? Obviously he has a life outside of E&P, it just happens to be here in the Community Forum :joy::joy::joy:


Am I allowed to award the bardic post of the day?


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Thanks Kaffy :grin:

Bovine post of the Day :thinking:

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I believe I just fought you.


The first board did not go so well. Sif is a cold cold mistress.

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Thank you for posting.

Yes, I LOVE Sif. When I realized that she and Ursena don’t overwrite one another it was pure joy.

Bold to go dark mono vs dark tank even if Ursena is all attack route and a bit squishy.

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I’m not sure if this is @Rigs (well he is suspended in forum community) :man_facepalming:

@Uclapack Killhare VS Killhare

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no war mismatch here but our alliance is once again matched against your alliance @DaveCozy :joy: its the second time in no more than 5 war if I remember correctly. you beat us the first time , we will beat you this time :muscle:

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I thought y’all looked familiar!! :grin: should be fun with the new Rush Attack rule, good luck! :beers:


@BarryWuzHere found you hiding in my tower, you didn’t even leave any beers in the fridge

I’ve not changed this attack team for a week out of laziness

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@JonahTheBard did you come by my tower for a visit last night? Woke up to see your name and thought, “Forum Royalty visiting me?? I didn’t even clean up the tower before his visit.”

If so I got a video of the party when I came visit you. I had a good board and everything seemed to fall into place during the festivities.

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That is certainly me :slight_smile:

Thank goodness I won mine, then. I keep my honour!

Sorry I didn’t realize, what’s your defence?

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