Fighting familiar names

@NittanyLionRoar that Telly is one mean mofo! I got the better of her this time but I’m sure she pulls in her fair share of cups for ya :slightly_smiling_face:


@Mr.Spock, that was a great fight! Thank you for sharing that, as I think Telluria is the second greatest problem a lot of us are currently facing.

Unfortunately, I only have one Jackal, no holy mana troop, and no holy cleanser, so I don’t think I’ll be able to replicate your team concept, but interesting to see nonetheless.

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Thanks! It’s not a real reliable counter because it’s so squishy, but it’s given my own personal highest success rate against this new troublesome tank.

However, if I had an Eve or Panther I’d probably default to those colors, but Jackal still has something at very fast speed :thinking:.

I’ll bite…what’s the first greatest problem we’re all facing?

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I cheekily meant to imply COVID-19.

I do have Eve, so may try to build a counter around her. It also occurred to me later that Mist may be a potential stand-in for your Jackal based attack. I lack cleansers outside of Rigard and Ariel (don’t have Panther, but do have Frida - so still can’t manage to get 9- tile cleansing AND elemental debuff on the field), which has made the whole thing complicated.


I don’t know how that went over my head lol :man_facepalming:t2:

Yeah, give Eve a shot. 3 matches is still tough to get before Tell goes off. Ucla did a good video of possible counters, but her roster is godly, so it didn’t help me much :smile:.

Do you tend towards mono or 3-2?


I saw her video, thanks (and Ender’s)!

haha - your question about configuration tells me you’ve never read my raid stats threads! I lean heavily towards 3/2 with the occasional 3/1/1 and even a little 2/2/1. Never mono. Even 4/1 doesn’t feel great to me.


Indeed I’ve not seen this. I agree with you on config though so I should check out the thread :vulcan_salute:t2:

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Nice hit @JAWS_3D !

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Thanks! and well done on the revenge :smile: :kissing_heart:

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For some reason I thought your name was Mr. Style Pants. It’s not too late to change it…

I have video, too. I stopped changing my attack team and use the same team for everyone.


@Rigs, please notify your alliance mate Midnight Oil, if they’re interested.


This is an interesting defense and one that forced me to make some compromises about my offensive positioning. There are two problems:

  1. All five defenders slap me with status ailments, so cleansing will be a constant problem.
  2. Jabberwock snipes the edges while both Gravemaker and Drake Fong are more likely to hit the center three; there will be no good place to hide my healers and more vulnerable heroes.
    Normally against Jabberwock I’d just slide my healers towards the middle, especially since Drake’s blind doesn’t affect them - if they’re sturdy enough to endure the damage. But GM’s presence makes that less than ideal.

Ultimately, I compromised. Vela isn’t maxed, so she likely won’t survive the fight anyway. I decided to sacrifice her on the edge, hoping her fast mana speed would allow her to fire before perishing. Similarly, on the other side I’m assuming that my Gravemaker’s speed will allow him to fire at least once before succumbing to Jabber’s poison. The trade off is he might not be around to finish the fight. In trade I can get Ariel and Mitsuko towards the center - I need my only healer and cleanser and Mitusko needs extra time to charge (N.B. Mitsuko’s reflect will still work under blind, which is the most important part of her special for me, given the two blue heroes on defense.).

Early Game

Not a great starting board. Tank GM will certainly fire. With the lack of blue tiles I’d normally look to charge my minor stack. But I don’t have two red matches set up to charge my GM, so I opt instead for a simple tile clearance move. I don’t love it, but it at least presents me with an option to clear 5 tiles on my second turn by exploding the green dragon I’ll create.

~0:28 I thought about this second move for quite a while. I see two options:

  1. I now have two red matches, meaning I can make them and fire GM. That’s tempting since I still have no blue tiles.
  2. Similar to the first move, I can clear tiles by using the green dragon to make another green dragon.
    I decided on the latter as I still need to clear some tiles - just firing my GM isn’t going to kill the tank. I desperately need some blue tiles. BUT ALSO I could see this move would set up a red dragon in the center column. That’s a big deal to me as my Mitsuko is currently a TEN tile charge (mana troop is only at level 20), so I’m always looking for a way to get 4 in a single match. If you’re watching this and following my commentary, please remember this move, as it ends up being critical and I will refer to it later on.

~0:39 This is a move that I think I mess up all the time. In my haste and frustration it’s easy to just create the red dragon and throw tiles into GM. But I need to make that and one other red match anyway, so it’s far superior to make the reds in column 6 now. Since tank GM isn’t charged (but will be next turn regardless) I should dodge him this turn and feed him the reds next turn. I still have no blues (in fact no mana at all, somehow) and am definitely behind. Delaying GM even a single turn is really important.

Mid Game

~0:53 I’m significantly behind. I have no blue mana. And while I now have enough blue tiles, they’re positioned poorly. I have two decisions:

  1. Where to fire GM. Normally I’d target a flank, but he has no way to charge again imminently, so I feel it’s better to just attack the center, since I don’t yet know what side I’ll target after the tank dies.
  2. It didn’t feel like either dragon putting one strong tile into GM was good enough, either in terms of damaging him or to charge my blue heroes. Since I’m behind I felt it was appropriate to gamble with the biggest tile clearance move I could find, hoping for a cascade or blue replacement tiles.

~1:04 Remember when I created that red dragon earlier? It looms large now since I know Mitsuko has 7 tiles of mana. I MUST make the red match in row 5, even though it charges the tank again. He can’t kill Mits and it charges her in time to reflect Vela. Vela is almost dead anyway, but I really can’t afford to take the damage and DoT at this point.

The rest is fairly academic. Mitsuko’s damage plus my FIRST blue match of the game take out Jabber and I’m able to kill both blue heroes with reflect.


In retrospect, waiting patiently and creating that red dragon at ~0:25 ended up essentially winning the match.


Done and will watch & read myself after work


Hmm. I feel like crew is being targeted. :pensive::rofl:


Definitely! When I roll one of you I always accept. Being able to share it is more fun, plus your group tend to have more interesting / challenging defenses. Although this one was a revenge.


Who says this game has no strategy?

Awesome vid.


Mitsuko is so niche, but wow does she wreck within that niche


Yup. And, with the recent spate of Telluria tanks that niche has definitely grown. It’s funny how different heroes change in value. I think Mitsuko, Grazul, and Zimkitha have definitely appreciated. And not just because of Telluria. Mitsuko gained value when Finely was released, for example.

In contrast, I think Aegir has fared poorly, which really saddens me since I like his concept and artwork. Finley, Snow White, Costumed Melendor, etc. Yeesh, it is BRUTAL out there for him. I often beat high level Aegir teams in war with a team led by Wilbur. It’s not great when there are counters even in the weak color.

Still holding Grimble at 3.70 to see if his value shifts one way or another.


Great write up of your thought processes before and during the match


@Ender_BattleSchool my congratulations on your defense. It took me two attempts, and I usually don’t struggle with Boss Wolf or with color stacked defenses.

First attempt I tried to get cute and went mono green, trying to deny Ursena’s reflect. I couldn’t do enough damage to Boss Wolf to down him before he fired, and once he and Ursena had fired, it was all over but the crying.

Second attempt I went yellow and planned to avoid Ursena until I could down her in a 3 tile match. In order to do that, I worked the left side until I could charge Drake and Joon. I was able to get 3 or 4 tiles into Boss Wolf without too many dead tiles charging him, so that helped. Wound up losing Drake to Seshat, and only got to fire him once, but he finished off the Boss and I had set up a vertical yellow match under Ursena by then. I decided to play the odds a little, since I didn’t know if you had boosted Ursena’s defense, but I aimed Joon at Poseidon instead, to try to clear that entire corner. Fortunately, the 3 yellow tiles under Ursena finished her off, sent a cascade into Poseidon to finish him off, and charged everyone. Seshat finished off Drake before I could fire him again, but at that point it was a matter of ghosting on the right and hitting specials on the left. With Del’s healing, I could take my time.


Nice…gonna have to get you a youtube account so you can share vids…love the breakdown though.


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