Fighting familiar names

I’ve always wanted to fight a familiar name but never had. Today, I checked my watch tower and saw this:

I was so excited. I was like “I’ve gotta revenge him.” And that’s what I did. I was raided quite a bit today and had a massive cup loss. I think things turned out well. :relaxed:

It took a few times but that’s okay. I’ll take this raid. Thanks @Wharflord for a good fight.


Nice win! Solid gain in cups too


Nice 3-2 stack!

All in or nothing huh. I guess All in would be monochrome

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There’s a reason I lost the first two tries. A lot of green and yellow tiles.

I thought this would also be a good post to share how “a little engine that could” can compete with the big dogs. Not my top team, but the right team for the job. And four 4* heroes to boot!


It’d actually be nice to choose your raid opponent once a day for example. Eg. search by name.

Would mix things up a bit.

But it might be unfair. Everyone would probably search for a few household names and they’d be sieged 24/7


Yeah. It’s fun to see familiar names and raid them.

Last 2 weeks I raided Brobb and traded hits with Fravit93. :joy:

Yesterday I traded hits with Hawk. So it ended as Hawk vs Air Hawk. :rofl:


You might have trolls that would constantly harass weaker opponent like other games that have those feature. You might have a whole alliance ganging up on someone. Typical of this game everything is up to the Gacha god.


@AirHawk, @FrenziedEye, @Kerridoc what alliance are you guys from, If I see you I will be happy to accept some donation from guys as a bonus I will post a Vid on this forum…:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Hahaha yes you are right re the trolls

Boats and hoses

I’m in Hero Malaysia. Find me :joy:

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You totally would.

I remember when one member in my alliance was making a raid run and made top 10.

A bunch of us in support rerolled to find and beat the people above her, especially #1, just to help.

If we could search and do that it would get done. way too much.


What you dont know is that Malaysia sells water to Singapore. :rofl:


And if you cant beat that person, your alliance will help the other person go higher in the trophies. :joy:


They sell untreated fresh water to the Singaporean, then buy it back after its been treated. I’m from Australia and even I know that.


Yup it’s true. :joy:

Stupid 20 characters.

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I happen to be from the same side of the world as you two @AirHawk and @SandMan

Look forward to either of you raiding me yeah? :joy:

I’m not quite ready yet but will level my Magni hahaha

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I’m usually around 2500 trophies, then bed time, when I wake up it’s around 2350 to 2400.
You never know.



I’m usually 2350+*

I wish I had Caedmon or Lianna to replace Sonya!!

*Realistically 2300 at the moment

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Current defense team , waiting to max Sartana & King Arthur to replace Kiril.
Bring the troops up to lvl 11.

No healer in the team soon.


7 Days Fermented. Visits always welcome!

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