Fighting Dragons Recruiting (Both new players & veterans welcome)

Hello All,

Welcome for your interest to our alliance Fighting Dragons! Nine spot currently open.


:orange_heart: First of all, we want everyone to ENJOY THE GAME!!!
:orange_heart: Very friendly alliance and Our leader who is a thoughtful lady and she makes you feel like home!
:orange_heart: We are HITTING 7*-9* TITAN mainly. :wink:
:orange_heart: No trophy required!!! Welcome to all new players or veterans!

Our rules:
:star:Hit titan daily as much as you can! :smile: It’s always fun to smack those right?
:star:War is NOT mandatory - Use all your 6 war flags when you are participating in the war! (opt out if you cannot used all of them)
:star:Tell us, if you can’t log in. Like you are in vacation and can’t play. We all have lives, right?
:star: Using Discord apps for chatting, planning strategy, giving tips, absence, etc…

We are looking foward for you to join!:wink:

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