Fighting 3-5 Miniature Titans

Hello everyone.
My name is imugi and I’ve been playing this game since April 2018.
This will be my first time posting.
BTW I love the game, besides RNG like everyone else ^^.
I know SG is trying hard to improve game play by adding tournaments,new buildings, seasonal events etc.
Why not adding multiple Titans at once? just like Raiding.
Just make it smaller to fit screen :slight_smile:
It would add another Dimension to the game, for example fighting 8* red mother titan in the middle
flanked by 2 5* green, blue or whatever the color.
It would make 3 hitters, and 5 hitters in the game more useful and make it much more interesting to already great game, just a thought.


Hah! That’s an interesting idea. Not sure my newest recruits could handle it though :smile:

Welcome to the forum! And yeah, we all hate the RNG, except for the mods, they :heart: RNG :grin:

Well if you got every new hero already maxed with 10 emblem nodes like mods do you would love RNG also

Nah, they have assured us cough that there is no truth to that, cough cough, they don’t get any in-game benefits wink wink

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