Fightin Titans - Movin House

Discussion area for Fightin Titans members moving to the new alliance.

A few ideas for the new Alliance:

  1. All existing ranks will be maintained when members transfer
  2. Qualification for Elder after 180 days (about 6 months) with regular contributions (Titans, wars, discussions etc.). Time served in the original FT to be included.
  3. Qualification for Co-Leader after 365 days (1 year) with regular contributions. Time served in the original FT to be included.
  4. As this is intended to be a development alliance for new players, we need to drop inactive players quite quickly, so:
    a. first 30 days in the alliance - automatically kicked after 7 days inactivity
    b. first 90 days in the alliance- automatically kicked after 14 days inactivity
    c. after 90 days - automatically kicked after 30 days inactivity


Oh that idea is Risky…dave lol.

A real world job gives 90 days of probation of which makes those rules like 180 days to be an Elder and 365 days to qualify for a Co-leader in E&P alliance more of a joke.
I will not hesitate to promote a good contributer in a matter of weeks rather than losing 'em sooner. Some way to tied 'em to the alliance by appreciating and rewarding their contributions.

C’mon, this is just game. We’re suppose to have fun too much regulation kill the fun!

The Alliance is now up and running. Old FT members send me a request now!

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Hello, I requested :slight_smile: Twix xd

Ex-FT members: 15 hours before matchmaking starts for the next war - if you want to get involved send me the invitation soon!

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