Fighter´s skill revive adjust

I have done a small search but didn´t find anything similar. And don´t know if this should be opened as general discussion or just as a request:

Many players will agree that some specials are completely overpowered comparing to others, while others are helpful but not game changers, and others are close to useless.

Fighter: I know as attackers we can take a huge advantage from this skill and have saved so many asses along a player´s life, but compared to others it´s too strong. I think the skill should be adjusted one of this way:

_ Limit the times a hero can revive with this passive.

_ adding a small cooldown to the skill (Not being able to revive in consecutive turns)

_ Not allowing the hero to cast special right after revive.

I think this way the skill will keep being helpful but not a match wrecker by itself.

What do you think?

No way, the times that BT has saved my sorry butt with multiple revives…

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My butt has been saved and kicked a lot of times due to that skill,that means it´s overpowered as hell.

I’ve lost raids from a hero revival.

I’ve won raids from a hero revival.

Hero revival is fair everyone.

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