Fighter Hero Revive & Status Ailments -- Not Consistent application... Sometimes ailment sticks, other times it doesn't

So, based on the thread (linked below) Devs stated that when a Fighter hero is Killed by a special skill direct damage & revives, the status ailments SHOULD NOT stick…

Arman’s DOT and -healing do not persist when fighters revive [SOLVED: status effects do not get applied if direct damage kills the target first]

And this occurs… Sometimes…

Problem is that it isn’t happening EVERY time… So there IS a bug somewhere in the Fighter Revive & Status Ailments stuff that needs to be addressed…

I don’t particularly care which way it goes but it needs to be consistent for every scenario. Either:

  1. status ailments do not apply if the fighter dies and revives from direct damage


  1. status ailments do apply, regardless of if the fighter hero dies & revives from direct damage.

I will keep bumping and posting examples to this thread as I find it them but some examples I have 100% seen:

Jabberwock Poison Damage ALWAYS sticks when a Fighter hero revives.

Lady Loki got sniped by Marjana, died & revived from the direct damage but has burn damage:


There are two semi-related questions:

  1. When a special skill does direct damage then applies a status effect, will enough direct damage to kill the hero prevent the status effect from being applied since it happens before the status effect (note how order of special skill effects makes Kageburado mite powerful since his dispell is FIRST)
  2. Does a fighter revive (or other revive like Alby/MN/etc.) strip status effects?

I’ve raided fighters who would revive and die immediately due to poison/bleed/burn. Sometimes. :rofl:

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Yup; and that’s my issue is that it’s inconsistent…

Sometimes, the direct damage & fighter revive results in the ailment sticking & other times it does not…

Some notes:

1 - If the fighter hero dies FROM the DoT (burn, poison etc…), they revive with the ailment still

2 - If a hero is revived by Alberich or Mother North, they DO NOT have any ailments anymore.

To my knowledge, there is no hero who does a DoT ailment FIRST then does the Direct Damage Second… All the cards are written in the order of “Damage then DoT”

I had a treatise written and realized it wasn’t relevant.

Did GM kill Lord Loki in the first post? If so, then, yes. Shouldn’t have stuck.

Let’s leave out resurrection/reincarnation. Those always strip effects. Only fighter revive is different.

When i use GM and kill them from DOT they revive with ailment if its from the damage no ailment.

Sounds like it is confusing but actually consistent.

  1. Fighter revives don’t strip status effects but other revives do.
  2. When a fighter is killed by direct damage, no further status effects are applied (ex: Gravemaker’s damage is sufficient to kill) if the fighter revives they do so without the status effect. I’ve seen the “dead” hero in ghost mode under these circumstances and at that point they cannot be hit by damage, or any status effects/ailments either.

This isn’t the case always. Which is what I stayed in the OP.

In the picture shown in the OP, Lady Loki DIED from the direct damage. NOT the DoT.

You can see in the OP it still has 6 turns on the DoT. Meaning it hasn’t triggered once.

Loki SHOULD NOT have revived with the burn damage. But she did. Hence the bug.

Nice topic, I recall that video of gaurdian panther who kept reviving when had a posion dot on them and won the battle.
@PeachyKeen was it you who had the video?

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I know the one. Was a video by @Alberto1 posted by @KLinMayhem

Panther died from Jabberwock hit and kept reviving from the poison dot to win the match. The DoT should not have stuck.

Yeah was klinmayhem knew it was some old skool player, thanks for correct soz peachy :wink:
But being its jabberwok it is undispel so does that play into it? Or a case of all dots are gone no matter what.

The healing ailment on the sand empire heroes from the linked thread are undispellable.

Counter also is that the one I showed in the OP (Marjana on Lady Loki) is normal Burn DoT. Not undispellable.

Hence the Bug being the inconsistency.

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So just kinda making it up as they go along yeah?I’ll keep an eye out on me fighters, but they rarely revive anyways or I got the fight won already.
I actually think in a early stage Oberon in trails revived had a dot on him and died from it.
Next fighter quest put a notice to see if any of the fighters revive with dot on them. See if people can catch it.


Looks like Lady Loki is a counter-example, depending upon circumstances. She redistributes status ailments before doing damage.

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Reopening cause this still hasn’t been addressed…

I’m wondering, Was this addressed in a different thread?
Because the inconsistency in game sure wasn’t resolved yet.