Fighter Emblems With S3

Who is more deserving of fighter emblems?

Kingston, Tyr, or Fenrir. It seems that class has gotten tougher on it’s decision making.

I still think Kingston is the “king” of these choices you’ve mentioned.

Out of the 3 he is the “truest” sniper as Tyr & Fenrir both appear to be at their best when they’re finishing off opponents (whether with Fenrir’s 600% attack or Tyr’s stackable DoT).

His secondary effect of decreasing the attack of the target and nearby also keeps the team alive (with the lower attack).


I tend to agree with @voidstrike. The King is a true “sniper” plus he’s Scarlett’s big greener brother of keeping your team alive.

Plus I think either of the other 2 will still be perfectly viable without emblems for awhile at least.

For comparison, Kingston at +7 on attack path has 779 attack. Fenrir at +0 has 780…lol

the question though, is who is more deserving of emblems, not who is the “truest sniper”.

And I would say Tyr, because the revive from the fighter emblems will work so well with his skill; it’ll make him so hard to kill. And he can just take all the time in the world slowly taking away your hp with bleed and direct dmg.

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