Fighter Emblems: Poseidon, Tyr, Fenrir

My alliance is currently running Green Tanks in AW. I have Poseidon+11 right now (I also have Boldtusk+19 and I don’t want to drain him).

I got Tyr and Fenrir from first Valhalla and I finally had enough rings to ascend Tyr.

Between Poseidon, Tyr, and Fenrir - who should get the Fighter emblems?
Current roster (of only notable maxed heros that could be in my AW lineup):

  • Green: Alby+9, Kad+7, Hansel+11, Peters+8, Buddy+19
  • Red: Zim, Anz+9, Khagan, Tyr, Bold+19, Wilbur+20
  • Blue: Aegir+15, Richard, Isarnia, Grimm+20 *
  • Purple: Dom+11, Obakhan+11, Proteus+20, Rigard(costume)+20, Sabina+20
  • Yellow: Poseidon+11, Viv+5, Ranvir, LiXiu+15, Chao+14

I’d go with Poseidon as I like hitters.

My vote is for Poseidon as well. Wonderful sniper.

I would keep on feeding Poseidon with emblems. My philosophy is that I never split emblems and keep on feeding emblems only to one hero till end this is way I have now almost 10 heroes over node 17 some are finished all the way.

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I would at least put +1 on Tyr. His special is pretty synergistic with fighter class talent

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