Fighter emblem conundrum

I have a number of fighters who are hungry and ready for emblems but not many emblems to spread around. Have to make some hard decisions. Heroes are ready to go except for C. Killhare who is at 3/65 but I do have the mats to finish her up as soon as the feeders allow.

I have 1234 fighter emblems. I have a few gold coins to cover some of the 125/250 nodes on Killhare. Currently, Zircon, BT, Cillian, and Fogg are fully emblemed.

Existing dark roster:

Freya, Rayne, and Hannah all LB+20. Costume Sartana +20. Lepiota no emblems.

  • Save them for C. Killhare
  • Junaid
  • Xiahou Dun
  • Sun Shangxiang

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I am using Junaid in my 4* team, and I will say - as much as I like him, I reckon you’ll probably still get more value longer term out of Killhare from a fighter perspective (that is of course, subject to your existing dark roster)

But otherwise, I would actually consider doing Sun over Junaid for events and such