Fighter class revive (Magni)

Haven’t had a chance to try to replicate yet, and wasnt recording so it may be I just missed it, but posting in-case anyone else has seen it since the new update. I will try and replicate/ confirm when I get a chance

I was fighting a raid against a team with Magni earlier. He was last hero remaining and I killed him with tiles (enough to fill his mana bar). His special skill activated and he revived. All like normal so far but unlike normal circumstances I dont think he went into ghost mode thereafter, He reappeared straight after and fired his special.

No detriment to me as still had full team and killed him next turn, but highlighting anyway. Not sure if happening with all fighters or just Magni.

Are you saying that:

  1. you ran tiles into him.
  2. tiles charged his bar AND killed him
  3. fighter trait activated and he went into ghost form
  4. you turn ended
  5. enemy turn started
  6. magni revived with 1 health
  7. magni used his special and hit one of your heroes
  8. magni stayed alive with 1 hp and it was your turn
  9. you killed him with a tile or special skill

If this is what you are saying, this is working as intended. The fighter class revives a hero with 1 hp. If there is no DoT(burn, bleed, poison, etc), the fighter will stay alive and it will be your turn.
Fighter class ability possible outcomes:

  1. no revive
  2. revive with no charged skill and no DoT → normal attack or no attack(depending on the counter) but stays alive and your turn
  3. revive with no charged skill but with DoT → normal attack or no attack(depending on the counter) but then dies due to DoT (with a chance to revive next turn as well)
  4. revive with charged skill but no DoT–> fire skill then your turn
  5. revive with charged skill and DoT → fire skill then dies due to DoT(with a chance to revive next turn as well)

Hope this helps

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