Fighter Class - Is this the most useless talent? Does this talent need changing?

Recently done some raiding with Boldtusk and other Hero’s.
I got hit with Colen’s special skill, but in the end Boldtusk got killed by another attack but who then revived but still had Colen’s burning effect which killed him again as my other healer was dead.
This has happened several times to me when going up against Colen and similar heroes.
Would like to hear if this has happened to anyone else and wondered does this Talent need changing somehow?

I once fought a BT +12 who revived 4 consecutive times from Proteus DoT before being healed by another healer.

Surely, it can trigger and just serve no purpose whatsoever.

But the 1 time when it will trigger while a healer is ready, the tide is turned!


Monk class has the skill called Resist (% chance to resist status ailments). And it will resist againts burning, poison, and other DoT.
So if combine Revive + Resist (this can be overpowered).

I think thats normal, and balance for that case.

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Definitely one of the better talents. It makes Boldtusk the best season one 4* tank.


My BT has revived with his skill fully charged and it literally changed the outcome of the battle. I’ve also fought other teams whose heroes had revive emblems and they kept coming back to life over and over again, really pissed me off TBH. It’s definitely a useful talent.


Ailments should be removed and health increased to 2 against war arrows.

I think it is good the way it is. If you are on fire (cohen, gravemaker, etc) and die, then revive, the fire doesn’t magically go out. You are still on fire. Same with any damage of time effects. It is a revive, not a revive and cleanse.


The main reason why you need to kill Colen after the tank, with your snipers. He maybe slow but he is quite a treat when he fired. Unless you’ve got a cleanser like Rigard or Kunchen ready.
As for BT, his revive talent can be very useful especially when he revive after being killed at full mana. An instant healing and attack boost to the team that will make a big difference!

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It definitely depends a lot on luck. But I’ve had my Lancelot (and Valen and Oberon) revive several times at critical moments in Raids, and with my Sabina or Kiril ready to heal, too. I’ve had Lance revive with full mana and proceed to murder an opposing Hel or Lianna, for example.

It’s not a very reliable talent, but then all the talents only have a chance to activate anyway.

I’m happy with it the way it is.


Got a very bad board and they killed all my offensive heros, Boldtusk was the last one left

Revive is the best talent, far from the worst.

Worst is that weak ■■■ minion for Druid class.

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The fighter talent is by far one of the best for pvp.

I think everyone can think of a time a fighter revived and their special went off to save the day. It has happened with BT the most I imagine but I have had colen reviving lose me battles and once misandra revived and she proc’d a bunch of times to destroy me.

Other talents are much harder to trace their effectiveness but revive is definitely great.


As above, the fighter talent is one of the strongest - potentially game changing at tank or flank. Have had Delilah tanks reviving a ridiculous number of times, and fricking always fully charged.


Yeah DoT is very useful against fighter skill.

Yesterday I encoutered Elena in wars.She had riposte on and I had the chance to kill her with stones knowing that this riposte would kill my last remaing hero.I did this…killed her, feeling satisfied…and katshing, she revived. So this talent costed our team a whole attack.

Don’t think this underpowered.

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Disagree at all. This talent has turned BT and Delilah in excellent heroes, and a nuisance as tanks if revive activates with full mana.

If you ask me, barbarians talent is the least game-changing one, a hero must be very very low on HP to die due to a wound


DOT is the bane of all fighter class heroes.

However, fighter class is far from useless if the hero died while fully charged.
The chance to revive and fire the skill makes the difference.

Most hated fighters (my perspective for those that I meet often):


I actually like the barbarian talent and I imagine as the game progresses and you can attack with 2 barbarian (or more) with the talent tree skill enabled at high % the bleed stack will be much more noticeable. Probably not as noticeable right now but wait n see.

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The appropriate equation:

Barbarian + Stack + Tarlak = Ouch


Gm + Kage + Tarlak with enemy defence down = bleed to death lol


I guess it is the most annoying talent out of the bounch.

I don’t know how many times happen to me to have a bad board, somehow reverse the raid and have a chance to win on the very last tile only to see that hero revive himself and make me lose with 1 hp.

Of course this happen when you count 39 heroes on your raid chest.


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