Fight yourself (defense team) as training fight with GUI example

I miss the feature of attacking myself! I need it to test my team, my heroes are right, the lineup is good, how does my team work? The attacks should cost nothing, I can attack my team as often as I want.

You could put the feature in the Defense Team Tab, add a new button with “Attack myself”.

I also created a GUI example:

What does the community think about it?

I definitely would like to do that or fight an alliance member just for practice. It would give you an idea on how to improve.


Yes that will be nice to do

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i liek that feauture laready posted that idea but instead of attacking your self attacking other members defences between alliance , no looses neither food irons or trophes just free 3 flags to use it daily

I was going to post this as a feature idea, but found this old thread that i’m going to necro.

Recently there was a bug in alliance wars where they fought their doppelganger. This started me thinking about how cool it would be to be able to fight your own defense team to see how it fares against the attack teams you throw at it.

We could expand on this slightly and allow dueling between alliance members. This could provide valuable feedback to new members in alliance for learning and setting up raid teams, for war and in their own raid defense.

The code is already floating around in the system… LMAO albeit in the form of a bug ATM. I know that this would probably fall under QoL, and take a backseat to new features, but it seems like fighting your own defense team would be an easier coding task than fighting alliance members.

It would be as easy as creating a button, that when pressed, calls up your assigned defense team as a “raid opponent.”

Nearly all that code is already in place. And really, fighting ourselves to test our defense team is what we want most. At least I do.

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