Fight Every Day Needs One

Currently we are one active player short of a full deck. We are an awesome group of ACTIVE players that you really want to join. We are currently killing 8*/9* titans and you can help us get that 10* titan.

At Fight Every Day (FED), we expect our members to:

  • Strike the Titan 3-6 times (after all we Fight Everyday!)
  • Participate in every Alliance War
  • Join in on the friendly banter filled with *** and *** oh and at times some ***.

If this sounds good and you have:

  • 15-20 Good Heroes for Alliance Wars
  • More than 1,600 Cups
  • A Defense team with More than 3,000 points

Search for us “Fight Every Day” in the games Alliance tab and join!

Filled, thanks for all the interest!

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