🏅 [Fifth Raid Tournament] How is your Defense Team doing?

Hat tip to @wineybrit for originating this thread idea with the second Raid Tournament

With Raid Tournament matchmaking still being worked on, the distribution of attacks across players has been perplexing so far, and a frequent topic for discussion.

This thread is for sharing your experiences each day during the Fifth Raid Tournament.

When posting, include:

  • Which day of the Tournament is it?

  • How may times have you been attacked today, and in total?

  • What is your Defense Team’s win/loss record today, and in total?

  • What Defense Grade does your Defense Team have?

  • Which heroes make up your Defense Team?

  • What is the Team Power of your Defense Team?

  • What is your current Tournament Score and Ranking?

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Moderator’s Note

This thread will automatically open when the Tournament attacks begin.


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Probably too early, but hey! Have been attacked more in the last 3 hours than the whole of the last tournament!

Only in this for sh*ts and giggles as my roster is hopeless:

Day 1: Early
Attacked: 2 times
Win Loss: 0 - 2
Power: 3164
Heroes: Irsana, Danzy, Sabina, Chao, Grimm
Ranking: Early Bath

Both team TP3450-3550 so no surprise really :slight_smile:

Last time 0 attacks in all days, now already on 7 losses in defence after a few hours into the tournament.
My Defence:
Grimm +7, Boril, Richard +4, Elena +5, Kiril +11.
Teampower 3804 total including troops.

I don’t know what is better, not being attack and getting C result by default or this and never ever be able to recover from E grade.:pensive:

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1st day of tournament
I was attacked 3 times, won all 3
Team: Grimm, Kiril, Aegir, Boril, Sonya in this order.
Team Power: 3700

I had a perfect tournament, three victories in attack, 650 points and 2 victories in defense, the 4 attack, how infamous would be the board that I made 0 POINTS, 0 POINTS. This game seems made by mass manipulation psychologists. It gives you the false appearance that if you spend money you will win, it gives you the false appearance that knowledge is worth something, that talent influences, it is a false illusion, it is PURE AZAR, PURE LUCK, for everything, invocations, duels, titans, it’s a coin machine, a cheat, where your participation does not go beyond buying a lottery ticket and believing that, if it’s your turn, it’s because you’re smart.

how did you just do? second

This game is not “manipulating”. You are talking like the game is making all decisions for you, you can think for yourself right? Instead of crocodile tears that this game is controlling your brain.

Lol , so sour :smiley: you used to get all you want without any defeats ever? :smiley:
■■■■ happens, get over it

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2 defenses - 1-1 so far.

Day 1, 4-1 attack (blue wall and not enough of my stacks to save me).

2 man crew defense of Boril and Kiril (1450 Team Power) 1-0 so far, A rating.


Lost 3 times

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So far, so good - 3-0 With this team:

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2-1 on defense with my Grimm+7, attack route, tank :rofl:. Was expecting a worse record tbh.
5-0 on attack and the matchup was spot on, had to think every moves i made.

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Two losses one win on defense, four wins one loss on attack.

I don’t have any maxed 5-stars at all, so I’m already pretty happy with my result…

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And I do have maxes but faced solid walls of +15 or higher with lvl 18 and higher troops. My defence is stronger than yours and my offence likely is, but I’ll score worse in the tourney bc my strength is held against me. As you improve, so will yours. Not sure I understand this.


No blue tanks in any of my attacks today…I was expecting to run into more. Today was like any other raiding day…2 Kunches a Guin an Ares and a Khiona. I didn’t worry about the buff bonus on offense as it makes almost no difference with 5 star teams -TOP 5%.

I went with an all Blue defense (all maxed 5 stars except Kiril), clearly I should have just gone with my standard. Out of 4 attacks lost 3.


Ultimately, the raid tournament is a lot of random luck. If I get a good board, I can win, if the board is bad, my team doesn’t have enough strength to fall back on.

And I think that getting the sweet spot on matchmaking is going to be a very hard problem. They’re working on it. It was never going to get worked out in beta, since there aren’t enough people there to get to the ridiculous level of difference in power that different people have in the “real world”. Which means they are pretty much forced to do an extended beta with us as the guinea pigs. For now, I’d say be happy with the 5 free raid flags to fill your chest and the random loot that you get at the end of the week. Sooner or later, it should be better. Or they’ll retire the raid tournament altogether…

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