🏅 [Fifth Raid Tournament] Discussion and Feedback on Raid Tournament Matchmaking

Raid Tournament Matchmaking has been an ongoing work in progress.

Obviously matchmaking has been a source of significant issues in previous Raid Tournaments — but seems to be improving, albeit still in need of further work, judging by feedback on the Forum.

In particular, distribution of attacks across players has still appeared to be uneven, despite efforts to improve it.

With the Fifth Raid Tournament approaching, the question will be: are things working better now?

Share your observations and discuss below!

:clipboard: Raid Tournament Change Log

Click for Change Log History


We have now started to rollout the new update.

Version 21 Raid Tournaments improvements and changes:

  • Fixed a bug with Raid Team selection.
  • Fixed a bug with Tournament Defense Score rounding.
  • Improvements to tournament rules view.
  • Warning shown if you try to sacrifice troops that are in use in Tournament.
  • Players can’t take part in tournaments if they don’t have a full team that meets the Tournament’s requirements.
  • Fixed raid attack team selection.
  • Fixed rounding error in Tournament defense score.

30 Apr – Applied Starting with Fourth Raid Tournament

  • Improvements to matchmaking to more evenly distribute attacks among all players.
  • The difficulty of the opponents reduced slightly in the beginning of tournaments.
  • The difficulty of the teams that the player’s defense team faces is based on the defense team instead of the five best heroes in their roster.
  • Fixed a bug where last week’s leaderboard showed wrong values when a new tournament had started.

9 Apr – Applied Starting with Second Raid Tournament

Maintenance break is over and Raid Tournaments are back!

Improvements and changes:

  • The difficulty of enemies that the players face at the beginning of the Tournament is now determined by the 5 best heroes in their roster (within the rarity and element limits of the current tournament).
  • Improvements to matchmaking to more evenly distribute attacks among all players.
  • The amount of Difficulty Bonus is increased and has more emphasis on the performance of the opponents Tournament Defense Team.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get loot that was not correct for their final loot tier.
  • The amount of loot given from Raid Tournaments has been reduced for the meantime.

26 Mar – Applied Starting with First Raid Tournament

First Raid Tournament is starting soon!

  • Raid Tournaments are special Raids that you can join each week.
  • Raid Tournaments have 3 phases:
    • Preparation Phase that lasts for 24 hours. During the preparation phase, you join the upcoming Tournament and prepare your defense team. You can only use defense teams that match the event rules.
    • Battle Phase lasts for four days. The Battle Phase is divided into four Battle Days where you have five attacks available for each Battle Day. You can only use attack teams that match the event rules.
    • Reward Phase that lasts two days. Your final score will determine your reward tier. You get rewards only from the highest reward tier that you belong to.
  • Raid Tournaments have three Special Rules:
    • Rush Attack: All Special Skills are Very Fast.
    • Bloody Battle: Healing has no effect.
    • Buff Booster: Each active buff gives +20% attack.
  • Raid Tournaments can have limitations to Hero and Troop rarity and Elements.
  • Raid Tournaments are scored based on four factors:
    • Enemies killed: The number of enemies killed during your attack.
    • Winning: Victorious attack will award extra points.
    • Difficulty Bonus: Winning the attack will award points based on comparing the performance of the opponent’s defense team with the performance of your attacks.
    • Defense Team Grade: Your defense team will receive points at the end of each Battle Day based on their performance.

Initial Release Notes

We have now scheduled the next Raid Tournament to start next week, on Tuesday, 23th of April, 2019.

As this is a brand new feature, we will be monitoring it and making further adjustments based on our findings and player feedback. Please make sure to read our previous response and follow our Raid Tournaments Change Log for all updates and improvements related to this feature.

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Moderator’s Note

This thread will automatically open when the Tournament’s first day of battle begins.

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This one is the best one yet, gotta give to the team, great job guys.

  • 5 flags, no greens allowed, 5 boards full of green tiles, i made like a couple of green diamonds in 5 seconds.
  • going again against full 4 or 5 4/80 leveled heroes while i barely have 2.
  • last fight was a 3600 against a 40xx [with Panther and GM], when i’ve seen the matching i was already laughing.

Now i understand why a lot of people complain about boards and the useless stacking, after the last update the boards became a pain, used 3 blue heroes, every flag i’ve struggled to find a match. Bad boards happen but 5 consecutive ones, against more powerful teams its not funny anymore. Every fight, no matter how slow or fast was the blue tank, they always managed to fire a couple of times. Probably my last tournament until this goes straight to beta and everything gets sorted out.


Same on my 5 boards. Many green tiles, to strong enemies. No chance for my team containing fully leveled 4* and nearly fully leveled 5*. Lost all battles without a chance .
No fun :frowning:

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  • The difficulty of the teams that the player’s defense team faces is based on the defense team instead of the five best heroes in their roster.

They appear to have reverted this. I chose to field a weaker defense team so I’d be more likely to not be knocked out of the tournament first day or two… First match was more than 700 TP above my defense.

You got it the wrong way…

For your attack, its based on your 5 strongest

For your defense, its attacker will be based on defense team.

It clearly said player defense not player attack team.

Ah, so the defense you use is completely irrelevant in that regard. Fair enough.

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Exactly, the only thing that matters when you want to attack is the best 5 heroes you have in your whole roster (excluding green ones). With that TP you will find opponents with similar defense TP.

You will never use the 5 heroes the system selected are your strongest, unless you’re making some kind of bad synergy rainbow team with like 4 healers. You will usually end up with like 3600 - 3700 TK against 4200.

Accept that your top5 (excluding nature) heros may be similar tp to the first defense you need to attack. However if many of those are fire heros, you are not likely to put into a team facing a heavily concentration of it heros (all the ones I attacked). So you are likely to use a low tp team and can’t stack strong colour against a tanks. Consequently players likely to lose more often, which may have been the point from game makers.

Yep, having a deep bench of 5s isn’t common. 5 tournament is definitely hard due to that.

A player with deep bench of 3* without any leveled 4*/5* might last longer due to the rule…

The 1% loot in this one will go to whoever gets Aegir the least. The guy is a cheat code in this tournament. No green damage, spirit link, huge defense boost, and 60% attack (based on the special tourney rule) every time he goes off. I have a pretty solid, balanced team with about 50 maxed 4 and 5 star heros. I see no way I that I can come even close to killing him without a once-in-a-month type board.

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For 1% loot you will need to win all attacks. Having Aegir won’t help you win your attacks.

Apparently putting incomplete teams is the way to win this tournament. This #1 player will get attacked by players who’s 5 best heroes have a combined TK of 2524. Which is equivalent to: a team of 3*


Bring dispeller to attack team, Aegir is strong on this tournee, but not unbeatable

After the new update, the wings will have to be filled, maybe with 1*…

Otherwise they can’t participate in tournament.

80% attack if blue hero?

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This, luckily, should be fixed in future versions. Well, still does leave option to put 1* or 2* in back which doesn’t actually impact TP much…

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